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Easter Bunny Donuts (& Blog Hop)


Yesterday, I was finally able to use the Easter shapes pan that I found post-holiday at Target last year. It imprints your baked treats with shapes, like the Easter Bunny, and Easter basket, and a decorated Easter egg.

At least, it is supposed to.

As you may have seen on the LambAround Pinterest boards yesterday, I baked up a batch of Strawberry-Buttermilk Baked Doughnuts, which were featured in last month's Oprah magazine. Tasty stuff! I substituted a mixture of soy/almond milk for the buttermilk (all out) and used lemon instead of strawberry. Half my batter went into my Easter pan and the other half was allotted to my mini doughnut pan.

(Sexy Nerd, BTW, thinks it's ridiculous that we own such a thing. This is from the fellow with a lathe in our garage, which he purchased for making models of nuclear bombs. Yeah.)

Can you see the Easter Bunny?

It's a cute idea, but I'm unimpressed. Has anyone else had success with these fancy specialty imprinting pans? Am I doing it wrong??

And now, of course, let's link up!


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