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Amateur Wedding Photography

Sexy Nerd and I recently attended his brother's wedding in Colorado. No smoke troubles, despite all the crazy fires nearby. The best man made his toast with a can of Bud Light! And the awkward, tipsy gal right next to the best man? Oh, she accidentally knocked her Bud Light all over him and his rented tux right before his toast.

Best man = my Sexy Nerd. I'll leave it up to you to figure out who the tipsy gal was.

Here are a few photos that I took using my Canon T1i DSLR camera:

The Post Where I Sell You My House

Home for Sale: 12428 Mangas Trl NE, 87111 $299,000 (Only $289,900 if you use our realtor - details below.) 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms 2,757 square feet (only $105/sq ft after discount!)

SN and I spent the week scrubbing and sweeping and mopping (and then mopping some more - a certain someone has no respect for my wet floors) to finally put our house on the market. If you know anyone looking for the best home ever (!!!) in Albuquerque, NM, please share this post with them.
When we bought our home, it appraised for $300,000. That was before any updates had been done, when there were just mattresses on the floor and a weird little shrine by the front door. I wanted to list our home for sale at $317,500, but our realtor says being the most upgraded home in our neighborhood is restricting our price (oops), so this really is a fabulous deal for a lucky homebuyer! Before you feel too bad for us though (cue the tiny violin) not seeing a return on our investment, remember that we've enjoyed m…

How to Move a Mattress

My site is popular for reviewing memory foam mattresses. With today's bed-in-a-box options lasting much longer than the traditional 7 years of a spring mattress, there's a good chance you'll eventually need to move one. But how?

This is how to move a mattress without damaging it - even by yourself! 
When we were faced with the challenge of moving our beloved Amerisleep AS3 to our new home, it seemed like my readers would enjoy the details. This handy tip should work for any memory foam bed, including Casper, Leesa, and Nectar. I'm happy to report there is an extremely simple way to do it. Apartment and dorm dwellers rejoice!

How to Move a MattressAt first, I wasn't sure how to move our king-size mattress down a flight of stairs. It's a problem we've dreaded solving ever since we made the decision to build a new house. 

The answer? It was right in the back of our truck. Ratchet straps.

This solution could also serve as a 'How To' for returning an Amerisle…

My Instant Pot Explosion!

While you're here, check out 36 Best Instant Pot Recipes, each with a 4.5-star rating or higher.
(I promise none of these recipes will explode!)
Like many new Instant Pot owners, I've wondered, How many Instant Pots have exploded? 


I'm happy to report that my research on Snopes and other sites has shown that these do not explode, at least not when used properly. There is a lawsuit between a woman in Texas and the Instant Pot manufacturer, but she admits she had thrown a towel over the steam vent. Do NOT do this. 

Still concerned? Consider that on Prime Day of 2018, Amazon sold more than 300,000 Instant Pots. That's more than a quarter of a million sales in only 1 day! If these things were not safe, you would see news stories every day about someone being injured.

Still, things can go wrong.

We love our Instant Pot, the digital pressure cooker that seems to suddenly be in every home. You can't mess up - just throw in random ingredients and you'll get something …

Just Hire a Mover

When SN and I moved 10 years ago, I swore I'd never risk my health and safety (and, let's face it, my sanity) again by cheaping out on a professional moving crew. Hauling furniture up and down stairs always results in cuts and bruises, at least for clumsy folks like myself, and puts you at risk for long-term back and knee injuries. I'm convinced! Even if we didn't want to invest in professional help, friends and family members have been telling us to let them know when we're ready for them to lend a hand. So why did we move our entire house by ourselves again?

Because we're fools, obviously.

Our staircase didn't seem quite so outrageous before we started moving. What happened to it?
Yesterday (or should I say "yesterday," as we're still without internet. Thanks to useless Century Link, I'm not sure when this will be posted. You suck, Century Link!), SN and I spent the day cleaning and staging our old house. We'd already moved most thing…