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Just Hire a Mover

When SN and I moved 10 years ago, I swore I'd never risk my health and safety (and, let's face it, my sanity) again by cheaping out on a professional moving crew. Hauling furniture up and down stairs always results in cuts and bruises, at least for clumsy folks like myself, and puts you at risk for long-term back and knee injuries. I'm convinced! Even if we didn't want to invest in professional help, friends and family members have been telling us to let them know when we're ready for them to lend a hand. So why did we move our entire house by ourselves again?

Because we're fools, obviously.

Our staircase didn't seem quite so outrageous before we started moving. What happened to it?

Yesterday (or should I say "yesterday," as we're still without internet. Thanks to useless Century Link, I'm not sure when this will be posted. You suck, Century Link!), SN and I spent the day cleaning and staging our old house. We'd already moved most things to our new home or to the garage for a yard sale, but still needed to tackle my enormous dresser. I went down the stairs backward, thinking it isn't fair that I get to face forward for every item we carry downstairs. Aren't I the best wife ever?

It's bad to miss a step when you're taking the stairs. It's really bad to miss a step when you're lugging down a wooden dresser. It's probably also less than ideal to use your head to help you support the dresser. (It was heavy!) Halfway down, my neck was aching and I felt like I was being crushed. I was so relieved when I finally reached the first floor that I didn't realize I hadn't yet.

I still had THREE steps to go. Falling backward, I somehow managed to stay on my feet, but the dresser came flying down against the side of my head with a thud. I swear I saw stars, just like on cartoons, and was pretty sure I had a concussion. As for my SN? He said thank goodness I stopped the dresser from falling. It would've knocked a hole in the wall.



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