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The World's Easiest Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We have no furniture, no bathroom mirrors, and no common sense - we're hosting Thanksgiving this year! Despite a To Do list ten miles long, I'm pretty certain this is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever.

Okay, I briefly wavered on this earlier, when my Martha Stewart-ish mom lectured me about all the things that could (will) go wrong and how I'll surely ruin the holiday for everyone and "you are going to regret it for the rest of your life" (her exact words!), but time has passed and I'm back to feeling confident. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

Plus, I'm now determined to knock her judgemental socks off.

We're going to have the cutest table decor in the history of Thanksgiving. Even better? It's so easy and you surely have everything you need to make it right this very second.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece and Fall Decor

Step 1:

Gather a glass or two or a dozen. Matching is fine. Mixed is fine.

The Martha Stewart gene skips a generation.

We received a pair of these champagne coupe glasses from Cecilia Cuff of Taos Wine Festival fame. With their golden rim, I knew they'd add a perfect touch of bling to our holiday table.

Step 2:

Fill each glass approximately halfway with unpopped popcorn kernels.

Sexy Nerd just "helpfully" pointed out that popcorn kernels are always unpopped, lest they be popcorn.

Step 3:

Press a tealight into the kernels. Ta da!

I lit the tealight to take a photo for this blog post...and to double check that the heat from the candle would not turn my Thanksgiving centerpiece into Jiffy Pop. I was 99.9% sure it wouldn't, but can you imagine the look on my mom's face if it did?

Everyone is relaxing, having a lovely meal...Pop! Pop! Pop! 

 Come to think of it, that sounds hilarious. I'm going to pre-pop a few kernels and sneak them into each glass when no one is looking, just to mess with everyone.
(Hilarious until a piece of popcorn catches fire. Whoops.)

The big day has come and gone. Be sure to check out my corny (ha, ha) candles on my first-time-ever-hosting-Thanksgiving table. I'm really happy with how everything turned out.