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Amerisleep AS3 Reviews

  My Amerisleep AS3 Unboxing Video (Surprise, my voice is ridiculous!) If I can (just barely) do it, you can totally tackle a bed-in-a-box by yourself. Updated 10/15/22 Amerisleep's AS5 was recently featured as the 'Best Soft Mattress in a Box' by Good Housekeeping , with the panel of reviewers noting: Pressure relief for side sleepers Taller than other boxed mattresses Good customer service    Amerisleep Mattress Reviews  We've been happy Amerisleep customers since purchasing our first AS3 mattress more than 9 years ago. Now we also have an AS2 and an AS4 (the AS3 is still our favorite). Born with chronic insomnia  (even as a baby - my family insists I was a nightmare), the struggle to improve my sleep is my life. My husband, the overly-analytical mechanical engineer, was initially skeptical of a mail-order mattress, but he was quickly won over. 2012: Wine glass test, sans wine. I was fairly confident our brand-new mattress would pass with f

Extra-Large King Mattress

Extra-large king mattress

Look! Up In The Sky! It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's...

(cue suspenseful music)

What's bigger than a king-size Amerisleep mattress? An Amerisleep Superbed!

As you know, my nerdy engineer husband, SN, and I recently ordered two new twin XL mattresses from Amerisleep. The AS4 bed didn't work out for us (too soft and mushy for our taste) but we loved the extra-firm AS2 bed. It's perfect for people who sleep on their back (SN) and on their stomach (me). 

SN liked it even better than the AS3 bed we'd slept on since 2012 and I thought it was at least equal to that mattress, which is now making our relatives happy in the guest bedroom. The AS2 costs a little less than the AS3 and a lot less than the AS4. Who would have thought the less expensive option would be the better choice, right? Money really doesn't buy happiness.

(Okay, in all honesty, I think I prefer the AS3 just a hair over the AS2. Your first choice is usually the right choice.)

We loved our new AS2 so much, in fact, that we abandoned our plan to place two twin mattresses side by side and ordered a king Amerisleep AS2 mattress. This new bed has been working out perfectly, with us sleeping soundly night after night and never waking up with sore necks or backs or arms. Perfectly, except...could it perhaps be more perfect?

Methinks it could.

We still had our original AS2 twin XL bed, which had been stashed in the corner of our bedroom waiting for me to think of a use for it or return it to Amerisleep. Their return policy is so generous that they never asked for it back! Just when I thought I couldn't like a company more.

"Why not put the twin and king mattresses side by side to create the biggest mattress ever," I wondered aloud. "Why not have an extra-large king mattress?"

"Because that would be crazy and look terrible," replied SN. I hadn't even been talking to him. "It won't work."

super mattress. A super bed. At night, I could stretch out my arms and legs as far as possible and basically have the bed entirely to myself. Yes, I was going to create the world's largest mattress and it was going to be the most comfortable bed ever.

"Don't do it," said SN sternly. "I'm serious. The room isn't wide enough. It's a stupid idea."

I waited for him to leave, then got to work on my best idea of all time.

amerisleep as2 king review photo
If one mattress is good...

(And it is.)

amerisleep as2 twin review photo
...two mattresses is even better!

(Plus, I bet you weren't expecting a cameo from the Pixar lamp. My new bed already has a celebrity endorsement.)

The king AS2 mattress is 76 inches wide and the twin XL is another 38 inches, giving us a whopping 114 inches of plush comfiness to enjoy nightly. It's weird that this actually worked because I've always thought our new master bedroom seemed a little small. Perhaps we got carried away when designing the floorplan.

Although, if we'd really gotten carried away, I could place our king AS3 mattress and both AS2 mattresses side-by-side, creating a super Superbed and surely breaking some sort of Guinness World Record. The look on SN's face alone would have been worth the extra square footage.

dimensions of an amerisleep mattress
I worked quickly, shoving the mattresses until they were centered in the room so that I would be ready to show you-know-who how fabulously wrong he had been. Look at how much space he still has. There's even room for an end table! To keep him happy, I gave SN's side of the bed a little more room than mine. He's bigger, after all.

Is your bedroom large enough for a king bed?
Still, look at all this space! You could fit 5 of me in here. Take that, SN. Stupid idea, my butt.

Aren't slipper socks the greatest?


Doesn't our carpet look grody? It's brand-new! I knew I should have skipped carpet altogether in our new home. When you're in my position, don't make the same mistake.

Extra-Large King Mattress

amerisleep mattresses side-by-side
I placed a fitted twin sheet over the twin and a king sheet over the king, then placed the largest blanket I could find on top. You folks out there with young kids will either love this family size bed...or think it's the worst idea in the world, as you browse the internet with your bedroom door locked.

master bedroom with double tray ceiling
Ta da! So beautiful. So comfy.

Please ignore the artwork on the floor (we've only been moved in 6 months) and that teensie sliver of uncovered bed over on the side. My plan is to buy two matching blankets and sew them together. With a sewing machine, I wouldn't expect this to be too difficult to do. The hardest part will be convincing SN to do it for me. Come on, SN. Superbed deserves a super blanket.

With the bed made, I called my husband into the room and crouched in the corner, ready with my camera to capture the look of surprise and delight on his face.

He saw it from the hallway and refused to enter the room, muttering something about an abomination.

amerisleep as2 review from Pica's perspective
In need of a new model, I called out for help and it came running. Pica thinks this is the best Amerisleep mattress she has ever reviewed. (And she has reviewed quite a few since our first purchase in early 2012.) See how relaxed she is? She gives this new bed two paws up.

Also, is it normal for a dog to sit like that? I swear she is the weirdest little thing.

my unbiased review of this is that it's weird
Look at those stubby little drumsticks!

demonstrating the firmness of the mattress
Just now, while typing up this blog post, SN peered over my shoulder and demanded to know what the dog was doing on the bed. He had his chance!

pros and cons of amerisleep
See how concerned Pica looks? It makes her sad that her daddy doesn't recognize the awesomeness that is Superbed.

SN did eventually come around and we've been enjoying our extra, extra large king Amerisleep mattress ever since. His official review is that this new setup is okay for now but that I shouldn't get too attached to it because it's absurd. 

If you're wondering whether this is an investment to make in your own bedroom, there are a few things to consider, in addition to the large space requirement:

  • Two people can stretch out without smacking each other.
  • You'll have an excuse to buy more decorative pillows.
  • It looks cool.
  • You'll have to DIY your bedding.
  • If your partner snores (looking at you, SN), it will be harder to lovingly kick them.
  • Your only choices for a bed frame are to build one yourself or sleep on the least until the awesomeness that is Superbed goes mainstream. The Amerisleep website says forgoing box springs or a frame is perfectly acceptable for their mattresses, but still.
(Oversized bedframes for custom-made oversized mattresses. Million dollar idea here, free for the taking...minus what I assume will be a generous commission made out to your favorite blogger.)

funny mattress review
Yaaawn! You can't get a better endorsement than that.

On a more serious note, these really are the best mattresses. Remember how I said I was going to follow up with my blog reader, Patti, to see how she was enjoying her new bed? (Her original email to me is here.) After all the trouble and drama she had trying every other brand, including the over-hyped Purple, here is the update she recently sent to me:

 Hi Kitty,

Now that I've had my bed for almost two months, I wanted to update you. I LOVE my bed!!! You and the Amerisleep rep were right, the AS3 is perfect for me. I knew the first night I slept on it. (The man at the furniture store kept saying I need to sleep in their bed for 30 days so my body gets used to it - what a load of you know what.) 

Thank you so much. I'm thrilled with my purchase - it's exactly what I was looking for! Finding your blog was a huge help for me. My bed shopping experience was unpleasant until I found you and Amerisleep. (Now I just need to try to get my refund, almost twice what I paid for my Amerisleep bed, from the furniture company! 😁 Wish me luck!)

With Sincere Gratitude,


I did wish her luck. I'm afraid to follow up with her again though, as I have a feeling her fight with the furniture store is not going to be quite as pleasant as dealing with Amerisleep's customer service team. Patti, if you're reading this, I am sending positive vibes your way!

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