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Amerisleep AS2

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Update: We've been sleeping on our new Amerisleep AS2 for several months. SN still loves it and insists he can't tell any difference between it and our AS3, but I much prefer the AS3. The AS2 is too hard! It also transfers motion more than the AS3 and pulls you toward where your spouse is sleeping if you get too close to them. So, we're doing another switcheroo! Our brand-new AS2 is going into the guest bedroom and our 6+ years old (though still like-new) AS3 is going to return to its rightful place as the master bed. I love Amerisleep's AS3 bed!

You may recall watching me unbox two new Amerisleep mattresses about a month ago. They were a twin-size AS2 and twin AS4 and the plan was to place them side-by-side to create a super comfy king mattress that was firm on my husband's side and soft on mine. But guess what?

Amerisleep AS2
 Though this new mattress is twice the size of the last one, the box wasn't much larger. Magic!

After years of lamenting that our much-reviewed Amerisleep AS3 was perfect in every way other than being ever so slightly too firm, I learned that a soft mattress is not for me. I don't know if Amerisleep has changed their mattresses since we placed our initial order in 2012 or if spending so long sleeping on a firm mattress has conditioned me to prefer this, but I just could not get comfortable on our new AS4 bed. I felt smothered, like if I were sinking into the mattress with the fabric rising up around me. This also made the twin bed seem especially small, as I had to avoid the soft edges. It worked out okay if I tried to sleep on my back, but my preferred side and stomach positions left me with neck pain and a sore lower back.

SN refused to trade mattresses with me. Yeah, he can be a real jerk sometimes, that punk. Luckily, there is someone else in my life who is not a jerk, ever. Amerisleep. Their customer service worked with me to exchange my too-soft AS4 for a new super-firm AS2. Yes, an AS2 - not an AS3 like we've used all these years! We still love the AS3, but SN said he couldn't tell much of a difference between it and the lower priced AS2. As for myself, my experience with the mushy AS4 had me rebelling. Don't I want to sleep on a soft, fluffy mattress like a princess each night? NO! I didn't want to sleep on the hard floor either, but given the choice between that and the AS4...

It's possible I'm being a little overly dramatic.

Sorry about my voice. There's nothing I can do about it, despite years of trying.

Amerisleep AS2

A few more nifty details...

1. It has been about 4 hours since we made this review video and I think the mattress is fully expanded.

2. There was no icky chemical smell, or "off-gassing" when the bed was unboxed. I'm not sure how Amerisleep does this. I treated myself to two new memory foam pillows a few weeks ago (non-Amerisleep - I know, I know - but they were #1 on Amazon and on sale) and they both needed to air out for a few days before I could use them.

3. If you're a side or stomach sleeper, do not order the AS4, even if you think you prefer a soft mattress. Go with the AS2 (extremely firm) or AS3 (firm but not to the crazy extent of the AS2) instead.

4. Although we just unboxed this one a few hours ago, SN has been loving his twin AS2 mattress for more than a month. When asked (repeatedly) if he prefers the new AS2 or our old AS3, he insists he can't tell the difference. I also love the new AS2 twin bed, which I steal every morning the instant SN gets up for work (or at 5 am on a Saturday, the loon), though I do think the AS2 feels more dense/solid/firm than our AS3. You just can't beat the support of a firm mattress.

5. There's a fabulous new feature that our bed from 6 years ago does not have. A removable cover! Oh, how I love the removable cover. I didn't think I'd ever use this feature because I imagined it being like a giant pillowcase that you had to stuff the mattress into. It seemed like it would be too difficult to cram the mattress back inside the cover, if I were even able to get the cover off to begin with, but it's actually a really clever design. There is a zipper that goes all the way around the middle of the mattress. Unzip it and the top comes off, just like a jacket. It's tucked in so unobtrusively that I had to double check that our new king mattress had this feature, as I couldn't see or feel the zipper at all.

Funny enough, Amerisleep's customer service was worried there might be something wrong with our twin AS4 bed, so they asked if I would be willing to take the cover off to see if the mattress could expand further. I told them I couldn't possibly remove the cover until SN returned home from a business trip, as the mattress would surely clobber me on my own, up on its side and turned every which way to pry the cover off. They must have thought I was a real wimp. Even wimpier than I actually am.

6. This is related to the video but not the mattresses - can you believe how hot it is here in New Mexico? We desperately need some moisture, lest our shiny new mountain dream home go up in flames. SN and I spent yesterday hiking in short sleeve shirts. Who does that in January? Where is our snow?? This isn't Arizona.

7. It's 6:07 pm. Early, but pitch black outside. Can I go to bed? I'm eager to sleep on my new mattress!

Amerisleep AS3 review
Love at first sight. I shall name the new mattress Matty.
No. That is kind of creepy.

Goodnight, bloggy friends.

WAIT! There's one more thing. It's petty but I don't care. When I previewed my video before publishing this blog post, the next one to come up was an unboxing for a Purple mattress. Have you heard of Purple? I've seen their ads and they seem to be everywhere lately, to the point that even I was wondering if perhaps I should give them a try. But it's all a scam! Those fuscia-faced crumb bums are all about bad-mouthing my beloved Amerisleep, which is ridiculous because they're just making a bunch of empty claims about their inferior product. It's true! Check out the email correspondence I recently had with one of my blog readers and see for yourself:

On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 2:28 PM, Patti wrote:

Hi Kitty,

I just read your Amerisleep review on your blog - thank you for writing it!

I've had a hard time trying to get the right bed and have been researching many online beds. I found your blog and started to read it aloud to my husband (also a sexy nerd) and he said,  "she sounds like you!" When I read the part about your husband getting up at 5:00am, he said "and he is me!" Then he said, where to they live, we should get together, LOL. 

Anyway, the reason for my email is to ask for your advice on which Amerisleep bed to purchase. I think I've decided to try it. Here is my history:
·         Over ten years ago we bought a memory foam mattress online and have loved it all these years
·         Then a few months ago, I started having lower back pain and it took me two weeks to figure out it was the bed
·         I read online that memory foam can break down after 10 years
·         My back pain went away when I slept on our guest bed which is a firm innerspring and was free with our house 1.5 years ago (so I knew the back pain was caused by our bed)
·         We ordered the purple but it was too soft and back pain came back. It was donated to a homeless shelter
·         We both like a firm mattress. I'm a side sleeper, husband is a stomach sleeper
·         Then I figured that buying online was not the way to go this time and I should go to a furniture store and actually lay on the bed
·         I realized after two beds, that doesn't tell you how you will feel after sleeping on it for a night
·         Thinking the old memory foam was too soft, and the purple was too soft, I must need a firm mattress - so we ordered a Serta iComfort hybrid (part memory foam, part innerspring) extra firm. 
·         Back pain came back - too firm
·         Now we have a credit at the furniture store - no refund
·         So we ordered a Serta iComfort all memory foam firm (not extra firm)  which seemed similar to the bed that worked for us for over 10 years
·         Back pain came back. Also, the cooling gel technology made me feel cold, clammy and sweaty where my body was touching the mattress even with a dust mite envelope, quilted mattress pad, sheet and later an added quilt under the sheet. It seemed like when I slept on my back (which I don't do very often) there was no pain, but when I slept on my side I could feel a strain on my lower back and hips. I had the feeling that this part of my body was sinking in more than it should. Then when morning came, lower back pain was back again.
·         We are returning that mattress, too
·         Now we're at the point where we are almost sure we want to order the Amerisleep. (we will have a credit at the furniture store to buy other things)
·         I had no idea shopping for a mattress would be so difficult, especially since my last mattress purchase was so easy and worked out for us for 10 years!
My question, since you have three of the five mattresses they offer, which do you advise I try? (My husband says he's fine with any mattress) My thought is the medium firm. We both like firm mattresses. 

Thank you for reading my long email and thank you for any advice you can give.



On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 3:41 PM, K. Deschanel wrote:

Hi, Patti. It sounds like you've had quite the mattress adventure! It's fun to meet kindred spirits through the world of blogging. :)

I haven't updated my reviews to reflect the two new Amerisleep mattresses we just unboxed, but thought you should know that after sleeping on this new setup for several nights, I am ready to switch back to our Liberty bed. My husband says he can't tell the difference between the AS2 and AS3, but the AS2 is too hard for me, like sleeping on the floor, and I feel like the AS4 is waaay too soft, like I sink in. Also, placing two twin beds side by side didn't work out quite as well as the Amerisleep rep had led me to believe, as there is a noticeable gap between the two beds. Based on your preference for firm mattresses and our experience with the 3 different beds, I would recommend the AS3/Liberty.

I hope this helps! I would love to see photos of your new bed when you receive it. Have a great rest of your day, Patti! :)


On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 3:01 PM, Patti wrote:

Hi Kitty,

Thanks for the swift reply! I was just on the phone with Amerisleep when your email came in. I told them my history and they also recommended the AS3/Liberty. Since we both like firm mattresses, my thought was to get the AS2/Revere. But with both of you recommending the AS3, I just ordered it now and it will arrive on 12/12/17. Madeline from Amerisleep assured me that if it didn't work out I could exchange it for the AS2. In fact, she said I could try all 5! (Hopefully, that won't happen...)

Thank you so much!


I'm going to send Patti an email tonight to see if she is willing to share an update on her new mattress here on my blog. Also, did you read the part where I thought the AS2 was too firm and thought I should stick with an AS3? Ack! I hope I haven't made a mistake going with the AS2 instead of the AS3 just to save a few bucks. It really did seem comfortable all those times I scooted over to SN's spot in the morning. I'm going to go to bed now (I've been writing this so long that it is now almost 7 pm - a perfectly reasonable bedtime for this old soul) and will post my thoughts on the AS2 versus AS3 debate tomorrow.

1/8/17 UPDATE

It's now 7:25 am and I am here to report back on the new AS2's first night. I love it, but when SN insists he can't tell any difference between our new mattress and our old AS3, he is full of nonsense. The AS2 is much, much more firm. I think it's safe to say that for the majority of mattress shoppers, the AS3 (Liberty) is the way to go. It's Amerisleep's #1 seller for a reason, being not too soft and not too firm. They should rename it The Goldilocks.

One last thing!
(You knew this part was coming, didn't you?)

This is not a sponsored blog post and I have never been employed by Amerisleep. Unlike other "unbiased and impartial" sites out there, which churn out mattress reviews daily for a profit (*cough* Sleepopolis *cough*), I work in the fabulous world of screaming children pediatric dentistry. I write this blog because it is a hobby I enjoy and these mattress reviews because I love to help where I can. I hope you've enjoyed my site and that this has made your purchase decision easier. After placing our initial order 6 years ago, Amerisleep introduced a referral program for happy customers, like us. If you have decided to give Amerisleep a try, I would greatly (greatly!) appreciate if you would click through my referral link to place your order. Thank you.

There's a special Amerisleep coupon in the link that will save you an extra $50 on top of other discounts and promo codes, just in case my heartfelt plea wasn't sufficient. Man, you are made of stone. ;)

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