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The Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape

My friend, Ranji, has written a guest post. It's about selecting jewelry based on the shape of your face. I'd never considered that these two things might go together, but it makes sense, right? Just as your hair and makeup can work with or against the shape of your face, so can your jewelry. If I can use jewelry to make my round face look thinner, sign me up!

Speaking of jewelry, one of my all-time most popular blog posts involves my husband's wedding ring...breaking in half. Oops!

jewelry to make your face look thinner
I don't even have my ears pierced!

Beauty Tips: How to Choose Unique Jewelry for Your Face Type
Guest Post from Ranji

Jewelry plays an important role in elevating every woman’s look. Be it casual nose jewelry, ear jewelry, or a stunning necklace, rendering an outfit with accessories becomes crucial for an overall classy look. No doubt jewelry is capable of enhancing one’s appearance effortlessly; it’s a little tricky to shop for it. More info here.

Many factors including style, adornments, color, face shape, etc. have to be considered before deciding what pieces to buy. When we talk about face shapes, it’s extremely important to be aware of which jewelry goes with which face type.

In this article, we mention how to choose jewelry according to different face shapes. No matter whether oval face type, read the article to discover the unique you are blessed with a diamond shape or have a cute jewelry pieces that will accentuate your features perfectly:

For an Oval Face
If you have an oval-shaped face, you will have wide cheekbones. Also, your forehead and jawline have almost the same width and jawline will have some roundness.

Earrings for an Oval Face
Women with oval face types can wear chandeliers, hoops, stylish daith jewelry and giant studs. They can also opt for teardrop earrings and jewelry with oval and triangular designs. Go for big pearl studs and long diamond chandeliers to rock every outfit.

Neck Jewelry for an Oval Face
Oval face shapes enjoy the flexibility to wear every style and shape of a necklace. From chokers and low-hanging necklaces to long pearl necklaces, everything will look good on you.

Nose Jewelry for an Oval Face
To accentuate your nose piercing, women with oval shape can look for small gold hoops. You can also opt for giant hoops in gold or diamond for a flattering look.

For a Heart Face
A heart face shape is characterized by a wide forehead, pointed chin and well-defined cheekbones. The main highlight of this shape is the jawline that resembles the shape of a heart.

Earrings for a Heart Face
To accentuate the features of a heart face shape, opt for heart shaped or triangle dangling earrings. Teardrop earrings will also look flattering on you.

Neck Jewelry for a Heart Face
Heart shaped faces look best with short necklaces and chokers that add subtle roundness to the narrow chin.

Nose Jewelry for a Heart Face
Women with a heart face look good in small nose pins or studs. Choose a diamond nose stud to invoke a sense of style and luxury. You can also wear a gemstone stud to add  color as well as shine to your piercing.

For a Diamond Face
This face shape is characterized by a narrow, long jawline. Also, the forehead is narrower as opposed to the cheekbones.

Earrings for a Diamond Face
Diamond shaped faces look good with long dangly earrings. Tassel earrings and wide chandelier earrings are also ideal to wear.

Neck Jewelry for a Diamond Face
Women with a diamond face shape should look for long necklaces. Stay away from chokes as they will add length to your narrow chin.

Ear Jewelry for a Diamond Face
In nose jewelry, opt for small nose pins or studs. A dainty diamond nose stud will perfectly flatter your facial features. You can also wear gemstone nose pins.

For a Square Face
A square face has a square-shaped chin and strong, angular jawline. It is, therefore, known for its strong angles.

Earrings for a Square Face
If you have a square-shaped face, opt for long oval-shaped earrings or round studs. Hoop earrings are
another great option to consider.

Neck Jewelry for a Square Face
In necklaces, you can wear circular neck jewelry with light focal components. Choose chokers to team them up with casual or party outfits.

Nose Jewelry for a Square Face
A small diamond nose stud will perfectly accentuate your strong angles. You can also wear a platinum nose stud or a gemstone nose pin.


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