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Kids are Repulsive. Repulsive!

I did something stupid at work on Friday. Someone forgot their sippy cup of milk in the waiting room of our pediatric dental office and I put in on our Lost and Found shelf, thinking I would throw it out if no one came for it by that afternoon. Then, I forgot all about it.
It was a hot weekend here in Albuquerque and we leave our air conditioning turned off when the office is closed. I knew the sippy cup of milk was going to smell, but it was so much worse than I'd ever imagined.
Instead of just a cup of sour milk, I entered our office today to find this horrible, milk-jelly stuck to everything and dripping down the edge of the shelf onto the carpet below. Apparently, the rotting dairy forced the pressure to build up inside the cup, oozing the liquid out the top. Seeing this should have been a warning, right? But no! I picked the funky sippy cup right up - and the lid burst. You guys, that putrid, forgotten baby milk was all over me. I'm traumatized. As for the Lost …

The BEST Kitchen Ever

I've been fretting about our new kitchen for a little while now. Since...2011? With our open floor plan, the kitchen is the main focal point of the home. You see it when you walk through the front door, when you're in the living room, from the dining room, etc. You can't miss it. So, my thinking is that if the kitchen sucks, the house sucks. And when you've been designing the house since 2011, that really can't be an option.

We've also been determined not to build a boring house. Ours should be unique! Does unique = sucky? Whenever I'd describe our kitchen to someone, there would always be at least one detail that confused/worried/frustrated them. A sink with horses? Mirrored cabinets 12 feet high?! In my mind, everything looks amazing. But how would these wild design ideas work in real life?

Last week, we finally got to find out.

Soon there will be not one, but TWO dishwashers. Sadly though, neither is self-loading. You just know that's going to be in…

Kitty's Amazing Homestyle Mayonnaise!

See the yumminess below?

Ooooh, yumminess.

Today, I have a recipe for you that is unlike any other you have ever tried. I owe it all to a teenie tiny tub of concentrated stock.

Make that a teenie tiny CUTE tub of concentrated stock.I adore that sweet chicken on the lid!

My recipe breakthrough came last Tuesday. I had the day off from work and was faced with a long list of things to get done: nap, blog, watch TV, nap some more, read magazines, etc. After reading a blog post about an attempted home robbery, I began to comment about the time I lived alone and an irate intruder tried to break down my front door. Just thinking about it makes me want to double check all our locks. In typical "life has a cruel sense of humor" fashion, as I wrapped up my scary story, the doorbell rang, sending my dogs into a frenzy and me about a foot off the ground!
I couldn't stay mad at the delivery driver though. He had brought me a package of Knorr Homestyle Stock! Big deal, you think? Don…

Construction Update: 3 Bathroom Styles, 1 House

There are a million decisions to make when designing and building a new home, from the pitch of the roof to the teensiest light bulb. Rather than try to choose between our favorite styles, we've mixed them all.

Amazingly, the different tiles, colors, and materials have actually worked together to become one cohesive design. Thank goodness!
Guest Suite Bathroom Our "rustic" style bathroom
Rustic GLAM by the time it's finished.

We continued the flooring right up the wall. To the right of the brick is the shower.

See? Rustic...glam!
I have the cutest chipmunk artwork to hang behind this tub.
You'll be able to simultaneously bathe and bask in the chipmunky cuteness.
This wall is in the center of the bathroom. It's 16 feet tall and has brick on all 4 sides. How cool is that?
We bought the vanity from my boss and it looked amazing in our current house. However, in the new house, it looks cheap and ugly. I guess that's a good sign, right?
Perhaps we'll paint…

Cake Mix Custard Recipe

Here is a quick and easy (and SO GOOD!) no bake dessert recipe that can be made ahead of time for your 4th of July get together. You'll need a Vitamix, Blendtec, or other high-powered blender.

Cake Mix Custard Vitamix Recipe
Serves 6 or one sugar-addicted blogger and her husband
16 oz milk (Feel free to use whatever kind you have on hand. I've even mixed nonfat milk with coconut milk to great results.)6 egg yolks (Feeling fancy? Save the egg whites to top your custards with meringue and torch them, Baked Alaska-style. Ooh, and then sprinkle with fresh chocolate shavings. Or rainbow sprinkles for a birthday cake custard variation! Folding crushed Oreos into the finished custard would be delicious too - the options are endless.)1/4 C white sugar1/4 C brown sugar8 oz cake mix (Approximately 1/2 a box)(I've made this with Duncan Hines Classic Yellow and Betty Crocker Red Velvet. Both were good, but we preferred the Classic Yellow - it tasted like birthday cake. I haven't tri…