Read This Before You Buy an Amerisleep Mattress

Hello, bloggy friends! Although SN and I still recommend Amerisleep mattresses (more than ever, actually, now that our original AS3 bed is almost 7 years old and still like-new), I'm writing this post to share exciting news.

After being gone all year, the extra $50 discount is back! To receive $250 off any size Amerisleep mattress, rather than just a wimpy $200, visit Amerisleep through this promo code link and enter coupon KITTY at checkout. You'll also receive free shipping and, if needed, free and easy returns.

WAIT! I can do better than that. Want to save $275, which is a better promo code than any other Amerisleep mattress reviews website? Just check out the extra discount details on my original review. Still not sold? Visit my mattress comparison chart. It even features a video of yours truly with her dress way too high in the air. Take that, Tempur-Pedic!

amerisleep promo code
Amerisleep makes me jump for joy. No, that's too corny. Amerisleep...ummm...

You try coming up with something clever pre-coffee.