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Amerisleep AS3 Reviews

  My Amerisleep AS3 Unboxing Video (Surprise, my voice is ridiculous!) If I can (just barely) do it, you can totally tackle a bed-in-a-box by yourself. Updated 10/15/22 Amerisleep's AS5 was recently featured as the 'Best Soft Mattress in a Box' by Good Housekeeping , with the panel of reviewers noting: Pressure relief for side sleepers Taller than other boxed mattresses Good customer service    Amerisleep Mattress Reviews  We've been happy Amerisleep customers since purchasing our first AS3 mattress more than 9 years ago. Now we also have an AS2 and an AS4 (the AS3 is still our favorite). Born with chronic insomnia  (even as a baby - my family insists I was a nightmare), the struggle to improve my sleep is my life. My husband, the overly-analytical mechanical engineer, was initially skeptical of a mail-order mattress, but he was quickly won over. 2012: Wine glass test, sans wine. I was fairly confident our brand-new mattress would pass with f

Amerisleep Mattress Comparison Chart and Buying Guide

Ultimate Amerisleep Mattress Comparison Chart and Buying Guide
The best Amerisleep mattress review you will ever read.

It has been more than 6 and a half years since we purchased our first mail-order mattress, an Amerisleep AS3. Yes, with our own money! Really! 

(I think this is worth noting as it often seems like every "unbiased" Amerisleep review on a blog has a disclaimer that the reviewer received one for free. So, you received this and 50 other mattresses - did you even sleep on it for one night? There are also lots of sneaky sites out there, like Sleepopolis and Mattress Clarity, that claim to be unbiased but are actually owned by the same company, which seems to basically be Casper. Google "does sleepopolis own casper" and you'll see what I mean. Crazy, right?) 

Long story short, I thought it would be appropriate to provide an update to my Amerisleep mattress reviews after so much time. I've also created a handy comparison chart. I'd intended to make a buying guide like this back when we bought our AS3 in 2012 and now, finally, here it is. That's got to be a procrastination record!

Funny side note: I saw a news story online that two competing mail-order mattress companies in Australia were suing each other. One made an ad with someone jumping on the bed with a wine glass and the other copied them, back in 2016. We did this back in 2012! They both copied us, not each other! 

That's it. I'm calling my attorney.

How we ended up with an Amerisleep mattress, which eventually became mattresses:

My husband and I were poor college students, living up the cliché of Ramen dinners in our rental house. I've always struggled with insomnia, even as a baby, and we thought investing in a top-quality mattress might help. As a full-time student and full-time restaurant manager, I needed to fall asleep faster and sleep better. This was back in the days before mattresses in a box were a thing, so we went shopping store-to-store in search of the best bed. It seemed like the Simmons Beautyrest was the perfect choice - so comfy! All the salesmen recommended it. At nearly $1500, our new mattress was definitely a splurge, but with my chronic sleep issues, we considered it an investment in my health. Heck, it was going to change my life!

Fast forward only a few weeks and we were already noticing problems with our new mattress. The pillowtop seemed to be collapsing where each of us slept on it. We weren't concerned though because it was under warranty. Well, first we could not get ahold of anyone at Simmons. The store where we'd purchased it though, Mor Furniture for Less, agreed to send someone to our house to check out our claim. They said our mattress was clearly defective, but that they were not allowed to accept it back because it was dirty on my side of the bed. 

(Skip this part if you're was stained with sweat because the mattress slept so hot and with, well, how do I put this...a stain that is often a problem for women and mattresses once a month. Really puts into perspective the importance of a removable, machine-washable mattress cover, right?)

All was not lost though, as the Mor employee said he would come back in a week, giving us time to wash the mattress. We washed the heck out of that mattress! We ran a carpet shampooer over it and doused it in toxic chemicals. It was frustrating to invest in something Simmons was just going to throw away, but it was worth it to have our warranty honored. Or so we thought. 

The same Mor employee returned to inspect our now-squeaky clean Simmons Beautyrest. This time, he said the corner was scuffed. It was the exact same scuff that had been there when he saw it a week ago, presumably from when the mattress had been delivered. Warranty denied.

We had no choice but to save up and buy another mattress. The Simmons Beautyrest was hurting our backs and, thanks to all the chemicals we'd used to clean it, was quite possibly killing us. I scoured the internet reading mattress reviews, determined not to be ripped off again. Every time I thought I'd found a reputable brand, I'd stumble upon a scathing review. 

Then I came across Amerisleep (cue heavenly choir, LOL). I'd never heard of it, but everyone online seemed happy. They didn't have an online chat option back then, so I emailed them my many questions and concerns, detailing the nightmare experience we'd had with Simmons. To my surprise, the founder of the company, Firas Kittaneh, emailed me back personally! He recommended the AS3 (then known as the Liberty) and promised I'd love my Amerisleep mattress or he'd make it right. We kept in touch. How's that for customer service?

The rest (multiple top-performing blog posts and three more Amerisleep mattresses ordered for our new home) is history.

Reviews update! I've read that many memory foam mattresses have trouble with "natural softening" over time. Is this a problem for Amerisleep? More than 6 years later...

Does our AS3 mattress still pass the level test?

level test of amerisleep as3 mattress
Here is our AS3, purchased in January of 2012, totally winning the level test. Also, isn't my bedspread cute? This filthy level probably shouldn't be touching it.

amerisleep as3 level test no blanket
What's that, you say? The level test must be performed directly on the mattress, not on a blanket? But I hate making the bed! Fine. Here is the level test on just the sheets, passing with flying colors. Go take a level to your current mattress and see how well it fares.

6 year old amerisleep mattress
Here is the level test again, performed directly on top of our AS3 mattress. I hope you know you've torn apart my previously tidy bed. The things I do for my blog readers.

level test of amerisleep as2
Our king AS2 from 2017 also kicks butt at the level test, by the way.

Does our AS3 mattress still pass the wine glass test?

wine glass test amerisleep as3
Our original wine glass test from 2012, featuring my always serious mechanical engineer jumping on the bed.

jumping on an amerisleep mattress
After more than 6 years since our original AS3 review, it's about time I get a turn. If this doesn't prove that these mattresses don't transfer motion, nothing will.

compare amerisleep mattresses 4 photos
Just for fun. Where are my fluffy-haired gals?

Come to think of it, a dress may not have been the best choice for jumping on the bed.

Which is the best Amerisleep mattress?

That's a tricky question. Luckily, I have the perfect chart to help. I've tried to include everything you would possibly want when mattress shopping. If you think of something I've missed, please let me know!

Also, as I can't imagine this table will possibly look good on a tiny cell phone screen, I've also created a free, printable PDF version. Enjoy!

Update: Yeah, the table looked terrible on a tiny screen and was causing Google to send me error reports. It's just the PDF now.

Enjoy this Amerisleep mattress review?

I've written this because we love our mattress, we hate Simmons, and these posts tend to do well on my site. I've also received many thank you emails from readers over the years, which is always motivating. 

That said, although Amerisleep did not have a referral program when we made our initial purchase in January of 2012, they have since added one and I would greatly (greatly!) appreciate you placing your order through my referral link, especially if you found this blog post to be helpful. Thank you, thank you! I've also created some social media-optimized graphics if you would like to save or share this post.
amerisleep mattress comparison chart and buying guide
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mail-order mattress comparison guide
Optimized for Pinterest

(BTW, aren't my social share graphics pretty? If you've seen the comics here on my site, you know I have no artistic skills whatsoever, so I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.)

social share button for amerisleep mattress reviews
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