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White Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Remember when our dream home was under construction and it was difficult to imagine how our white kitchen with brick backsplash was going to turn out? 

With high, mirrored cabinets, was it going to look ridiculous? You can bet I had more than a couple sleepless nights worrying that is was.

We have now been happily enjoying our home sweet home in the New Mexico mountains for almost 3 years. The best part?

The kitchen!

White Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

I've had a reader email to ask about our wood ceiling and thought my other blog readers might enjoy having the same information. Here you go:

Q. What kind of wood is the ceiling in your house? It is beautiful. We are looking at rough-cut pine for a cabin that we are renovating. Debating on if we need to stain or seal it.

A. Our ceiling is actually just the everyday pine tongue and groove boards they sell at Lowes and Home Depot. The reason ours looks different is that we had them installed upside down so that the rough side shows instead of the smooth side, which created more variation when stained. Oh, and the stain we used is from Sherwin Williams. It's called Hawthorne. More than 3 years into our new home, we are still happy about how the ceiling turned out. I wish I could say the same for our floors!

white kitchen with brick backsplash

kitchen photos
Sexy Nerd built the chandeliers (3 total, including the adjoining living room) with hammered copper to match our hammered copper apron sink.

Hammered copper sink

Blue pantry door
Our pantry bat is from one of my favorite online shops, Uncommon Goods.

Home sweet home

cabinet hardware
I'm a firm believer that the secret to inviting interior design lies in the details. These silver deer cabinet knobs have made me enjoy our white kitchen all the more.

stone fireplace

octopus decor
When we designed our custom home, we made sure to include a spot for Ocho. Remember when Sexy Nerd accidentally broke off one of his legs? Whoops!

Interior design - kitchen

Kitchen with natural light
I have a growing collection of orchids, all rescued from the clearance section of the grocery store. This fellow moved with us from our old house and blooms for months at a time. Not bad for $0.99.

We love our new house

Decorating with orchids

dream kitchen photos
The cabinets are not a warm white or a cool white or a white with any sort of tint whatsoever - just a pure, 0000 white. 

large windows

white farmhouse kitchen
The wreath over our stove was a $20 clearance find at Home Goods. Score! 

Brick backsplash

Kitchen with wood island
Sexy Nerd installed the under cabinet lighting himself and built the wood island. He's so handy. I think I will keep him around. 

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen with a view
I'll tire of doing dishes long before I tire of the view outside our kitchen window. That said, dishes are less of a chore with a dishwasher on each side of the apron sink. 

White quartz counters
Our plan has always been to continue the red brick backsplash all the way up the vaulted ceiling. It's scary to install brick up there though! Maybe one day.  
Samsung Flex Duo
Our oven has a secret. It's a Samsung Flex Duo, which can simultaneously bake at two different temperatures thanks to a removable divider. It squeezes dual ovens into a small footprint. We also love, love, love the induction cooktop (not to be confused with an electric cooktop) because it's so easy to clean.