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Antler Decor Ideas

Antler Decor Ideas

I love nature and have been incorporating deer decor into our new mountain home. We've learned firsthand at our annual excursion to the Summit County Parade of Homes (lavish 20-million dollar mansions in Colorado that are only used for a ski weekend once or twice a year) and other luxury home events how these rustic accents can be just the right touch to make everything so cozy. Modern takes on traditional deer and antler decor keep your look from going full-on log cabin.

With naturally shed antlers, pencil sketches, deer crafted of elegant silver, and more, there are many cruelty-free ways to incorporate your love of deer and nature into your contemporary home decor.

Confession: I think antler home decor is a creepy idea, at least when you're taking about hanging the head of a dead animal on your wall as a form of interior design. There, I said it. Maybe you shot it humanely and it fed your family and the deer were overpopulated in the area anyway or, heck, maybe you just hit it with your truck by accident.

(Or it hit you - I recently had a very close call with a spooked deer nearly running into the side of my Volt! Apparently, that's a thing.)

That's all well and good, but doesn't it seem even the slightest bit icky to have the now-deceased deer inside your home...watching you? Plotting its revenge? You sit at the table eating venison and it stares at you, unblinking. Can you imagine sitting alone in a room during a thunderstorm, surrounded by the heads of deer, and the power goes out?

I would scream.

I just don't get it.

Here are a few of my deer-related decorating ideas (no heads!), straight from our own dream house.

Deer Decor Idea #1: Antler Plate Stand

antler home decor
Similar for Sale: Large Antler (Rated 5 Stars on Amazon)

We found this large antler while hiking our yard. It turned out to be perfect for displaying one of the most cherished plates in my collection, which was made in Israel and was a gift from my boss. I love how the rich colors pop against the white of the sun-bleached antler.

Deer Decor Idea #2: Add Natural Texture and Bring the Outdoors In

decorating with antlers

We found this small antler during a New Year's Day hike last year. Funny enough, one of the photos in the collage displayed with it is of us finding the antler - I just realized that! Tucked next to a potted plant, this is a great way to add another natural element to our indoor-outdoor decorating style.

Our neighbor has an entire wreath crafted from little antlers like these. We know deer are gallivanting all over our 13 acre property (so much deer poop!), but ours seem intent on keeping their antlers to themselves, at least until they leave our yard. It's just as well, I suppose. I'm not crafty or patient enough to create a wreath, nor could I bring myself to have an antler but not display it. (Or to give it to the dogs as a chew toy. Let's call that one Deer Decor Idea #1.5.) We would just end up with found antlers on every surface in our home.

Deer Decor Idea #3: Rudolph the Red Nosed Towel Holder

deer head towel holder
Similar for Sale: Park Designs Deer Head Hook (Rated 5 Stars on Amazon)

Want to hear a bargain-hunting secret? Now is the best time of year to score deals on deer decor. The elegant, antlered towel holder in our guest bathroom, shown above? It's actually a reindeer stocking holder, which we scored for almost nothing at a post-holiday sale in January. Inside our mountain home during the summer, there's nothing Christmas-y about it. In fact, my husband had to point out to me that it was actually intended to be a stocking holder. I just thought it was the best hook ever.

Deer Decor Idea #4: Faux Antler Furniture

antler end table
Similar for Sale: Kathy Kuo Home Lilia Rustic Lodge End Table (Currently $100 Off!) 

You know those gaudy log cabin chandeliers made from a million antlers? Those are still in style, but now they are crafted in metallic finishes for the contemporary home. You can find just about any traditional antler decor modernized. Silver antler wall sconce? Dozens to choose from. Silver antler lamp? Take your pick. In our own home, we have a silver antler end table. I love that it's not just another boring piece of furniture and how it bounces light around the room and that it goes with the nail-head trim on our living room chairs and the way it picks up the colors in the herringbone rug - basically, I love everything about it.

Deer Decor Idea #5: Hang a Deer's Head on the Wall

antler decor ideas
Similar for Sale: Kate and Laurel Sylvie Deer with Antlers Wall Art by Simon Te Tai (Rated 5 Stars on Amazon and "Amazon's Choice" for Framed Deer Artwork)(I know I already have one, but I might need to find a place to hang another. This one is really cute.)

No, not like that! (See my crazy ramble at the beginning of this post.) In sophisticated, modern homes, the old-fashioned Bambi mounted above the fireplace has been replaced with artwork. The options are endless, from pencil sketches to rainbow bucks. You can even install a wallpaper mural of your favorite deer photo or painting, custom sized for your wall.

Deer Decor Idea #6: Accents Around the House

small deer statue
Similar for Sale: Glittered Standing Deer 9 x 10 Inch Natural Bark Christmas Figurine (I'm not a fan of "glittered" in my decor, but this one is actually done nicely.)

Remember my Christmas decorations tip? This deer and the one below were originally priced $45 each at Dillards and I scooped them up after New Year's for only ONE DOLLAR each. Not that anyone in their right mind would have paid $90 for the pair, but it still seems like a heck of a deal. 

Just because two objects go together does not mean you have to keep them together. It's your place. Do what makes you happy! The fellow above graces a shelf off our foyer and his friend below is a bathroom ambassador. Yes, a bathroom ambassador. During the holidays, he wears a little wreath around his neck made from rosemary. I might even spray paint him gold to match our Delta Champagne Bronze fixtures.

favorite ways to decorate with deer
Similar for Sale: Abstract White Ceramic Deer Figurine (Only $10!)

Deer with a peacock? Try and stop me.

Actually, it's Sexy Nerd we need to stop.

My husband has added his own deer accent to our home. His contribution is a little bit...different...

deer skull
Similar for Sale: Faux Deer Skull (It's a top-rated and best-selling product on Amazon. I'm as surprised as you.)

This metal deer skull is surprisingly heavy. It belonged to his grandpa, who had an entire collection of metal animal skulls. They really do make deer decor for every taste!

Deer Decor Idea #7: More Comfy Than a Deer Hide

california design den sheets review
California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheet Set (Amazon's Choice and 3,000+ Reviews)

I've been browsing for new sheets for our guest bedroom. Everything was just white, white, white and boring, boring, boring.

Look what I found!

multicolor deer design
There are many colors and patterns available other than "Mod Lodge Multi" but how can they possibly compete?

You can bet I did a little happy dance when I discovered King-size bedding in a psychedelic, multi-color deer print. Can you believe this is a thing? (Actually, after the metal skull above, my guess is you're not surprised by much anymore.) My guests are going to smile when they pull back the covers. Plus, this bedding is 100% cotton and the fitted sheet is deep enough to stretch over our plush Amerisleep mattresses.

The website for these sheets also features a pineapple print. I came this close to going nuts with pineapple decor (so welcoming!) instead of deer. Can you be kindred spirits with a bedding company?

deer interior design fabric
I was going to caption this photo with the sound deer make, then realized I don't know what sound deer make. Sort of a grunt, maybe?

Now all I can think about is the screaming deer in the movie Tommy Boy.


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