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Wisdom Teeth & UPS

I can't sleep! True, it is only 9:36pm, but I want to go to sleep now!

I called my dentist today to set up an appointment for a filling and they said - lucky me - they can get me in first thing in the morning. Lol, at work I tell paranoid parents every day that getting a filling is absolutely no big deal, but I don't want one! I was kinda hoping they would get me in sometime next year. Better to get it taken care of, I guess. The cavity is on a wisdom tooth, which I have decided to keep instead of having pulled. If I end up having a filling AND later having it extracted, I'm going to be a bit annoyed. I hope my dentist doesn't do a half-assed job on the filling. He thinks I should just have my wisdom teeth extracted.
I started reading a new book called Something Borrowed, which is about a girl who sleeps with her pregnant best friend's fiance. It had good reviews, but so far it is just boring, (not boring enough to put me to sleep though! Rats!) At least the Shopah…

Pre-Wedding Hawaii Ramblings

We had a looooong flight. Getting from Albuquerque to Oakland was fine, (other than having to get up at 3am!) Getting from Oakland to Honolulu was a different story. First, Derek realised that I had been assigned a seat and he had not, next our flight was delayed 2 hours, and when we finally boarded the plane, we had to wait on the runway another 1/2 hour because of bad weather. Oh yeah, and the $5 ice cream I bought at the airport was terrible. WE ARE HAPPY THOUGH!  :)  :)   :)  Everyone is getting along and we have been having a wonderful time. We saw a monk seal on the beach and ate lunch at a really tasty bakery today. We barbequed last night and went swimming tonight. There is some big news - no more Captain Howie! That's right, after an entire year of planning, we decided to scrap the entire Captain Howie/Kualoa Ranch wedding at the last moment and planned an entirely different wedding in just a few hours. I'll post more about that another time though. We're getting …