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Homemade Samoas (aka Caramel Delights) Girl Scout Cookies

Here is what they are supposed to look like:

Here's mine:

As mentioned previously, I am not a patient cook. Therefore, mine look like this. Instead of waiting for everything to cool and carefully drizzling chocolate on top, I decided to simply combine the coconut, chocolate, and caramel into one tasty topping. It may not be as pretty, but it tastes good (and this was ready to eat much faster!)

Hey, Kitchen Pig! That's not for you!

Sorry, but Kitchen Pig's second cousin is this guy. See the resemblance? I don't want to take any risks by letting him eat so close to midnight!

There is a comment from someone who made the original (pretty) recipe, complaining that these cookie bars are too messy. For that poster, I photographed the above and below post-cooking images.

Ooooooh, so messy! Whatever will I do?!

You can find the original recipe here. Thanks BakingBites!


  1. They look so good! I love the pig and is that Gizmo? How cute.

  2. Love the post-cooking image -- not too messy at all. Yummy! Definitely tempts my inner Gremlin!

  3. I made these a while ago and they were soooo good! Definitley addicting!!

  4. That was a good idea combining the chocolate with the caramel! I got tired towards the end and left the chocolate off the bottom - this would've been the perfect solution!

  5. yours look great too!! aren't these the best?? :)


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