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Fancy Schmancy Dining Room With A Wall Mural

Over the past few weeks, Sexy Nerd has made some major updates to our dining room. He repainted the chairs, refinished the table, switched out the light fixture, and, of course, put up the gigantic tulip wallpaper mural that has been sitting in the closet since March (finally!)

There is still a lot to do (like recovering the chairs, adding 2 more chairs, and building a window seat,)(oh, and replacing that ugly white tile around the fireplace!) but we think the changes look pretty good so far.

Somehow, that green dolly always finds its way back into our dining room!


  1. Wow! This is so striking and gorgeous. Wonderful job!

  2. Spectacular redo on the dining room. The dolly made me laugh. Ours is blue, and it always ends up in the strangest places, too. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  3. So dramatic! This is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it as you complete the update.

  4. Those chair look great with their scrolly backs. The wall is very dramatic. Love that.

  5. This is lovely, luv the bold colour it was worth the wait.

  6. Wow! That is so awesome! Just like out of a magazine! I know you're going to be happy eating and entertaining in that room!

    (I have a blue dolly!)

  7. I think your changes look great!! That wallpaper is very nice lookin'. :o)
    The Tattered Tassel

  8. A big diference, and nicely done in your wallpaper selection.

  9. Wow, now that's a dramatic room! I love the mural, the color of the chairs and that fireplace is amazing. What a fun place to have dinner or just hang out!
    Happy REDnesday!

  10. Your dining room is lovely! It is very dramatic and elegant. I look forward to seeing what you do with your fireplace, I'd love to change ours but don't know what to do.

    Happy Rednesday,

  11. Nice...thanks for sharing...blesssings

  12. Thanks so much for sharing--what a spectacular look!

  13. Oh, I know all about the dolly - I call it my husband's "other woman". Dolly's always hanging out at our house! Your redo is very, very pretty. How neat that your husband did this for you! Makes it extra special, don't you think? Hugs, Patti

  14. I love it! And I love that you call your hubs sexy nerd! Its classic.

    love your guts


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