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Dogs Named Biscuit Are Naturally Cute

Marie says there are no photos of Biscuit on my blog. That's unacceptable!

Lurking in the shadows, it's ninja Biscuit!

"I bwushed my teeth gud".

Separated at birth?

You learn to put up with a lot when you share a home with Pica.
Look at all that Pica hair!!!


Who doesn't love Punk Rock/Stoner Biscuit?

 Biscuit is not amused by all these dopey photos.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! Haha, Biscuit is so cute!

  2. Biscuit IS cute! awww! but..are dogs named peanut natural dum dums?

  3. Very comical the spiked look!

  4. biscuit looks like my dorkie chloe(dachshud yorkie mix) cute!


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