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Woman's Day Magazine Irks Me

I have been a bit peeved with Woman's Day ever since I subscribed a few months ago. The magazine is marketed as being "written and edited for every woman to live well every day." Scanning through the pages, you'll find a variety of recipes, organizational tips, and inspirational stories. There is only one thing that I don't like about Woman's Day magazine. Scratch that. There's one thing that I can't stand. It's at the beginning of every issue, casually placed in its own little 1/8 of the page. I had been looking forward to the April issue because there was a new editor, Elizabeth Mayhew. Surely, I thought, she'll do away with this one, stupid out of place item. What am I talking about? Here's this month's thing that ticks me off:

"Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth." 
Psalm 96.1

Are you kidding me, Woman's Day? I've asked around and I'm not the only one who was under the impression that it's not a religious magazine. If they want to be religious, they should just go all out and do it, rather than pretending to cater to all women while slyly sneaking in their beliefs. I'm all for starting the magazine with an inspirational quote. There are plenty of wonderful, neutral ones to choose from. Mentioning religion in the context of an article would also be fine. Honestly, as long as they continued to provide the same household tips and recipes, I would continue to subscribe. I do, however, feel like that bible verse is somewhere it doesn't belong.

On a lighter note, one of the tips from the April issue cracked me up. What can you do with a lemon? According to page 12, you can cut a lemon in half, rub it on your armpits, and go out deodorant-free.

Um, thanks, but I'll stick with my Secret Platinum and save my lemons for my tea!


  1. Haha, who would rub a lemon in their armpits? And if you don't have any deodorant laying around, you probably don't have a lemon either!

    I don't like that religious shiz either. Did you know that Forever 21 has bible verses on their shopping bags? Yep. On the very bottom. I don't like that kind of subliminal I'm-pushing-my-religion-on-you kind of stuff. It's freaky.

  2. Hi,
    It's Elizabeth Mayhew writing...I appreciate your point of view. I ask you to please be patient! I am making changes to Woman's Day every month, but because we work 3 months (or more) out, you will not be able to see them all at once. In fact most of the April 1st issue was completed when I started--the only real change I was able to make was the cover. Give the magazine another shot! Let me know what you think of the April 17th issue. You can email me at
    Best, Elizabeth

  3. With regard to Deodorant, I understand that most deodorants have a mineral in it that is cancer causing... a friend of mine who has cancer was told by her Doctor she is not to use it because of that fact.

    If lemon juice can be used as a deodorant, wonder if it would work to put some in a small spray bottle... from concentrate. Add a little Lemon Verbena oil and it could be used as a perfume deodorant ... or better yet, add some concentrated lemon juice to a complimentary fragranced spray perfume.

  4. Deodorant, like many chemicals, may have negative effects in conjunction with cancer treatments. That is the only plausible reason for that advice. If deodorants caused breast cancer, male breast cancer would be far more prevalent.

    The hidden-in-plain-sight Bible verse always kind of creeps me out as a passive-aggressive "We're watching you."

  5. My friend does not have breast cancer... her's in lung and it has spread to the lymph nodes in her neck .... yes she was told this as part of her aggressive recovery treatments.

    I had never heard this before... when I did a search on cancer and deodorants, found this informative link:
    which suggest the nicks women receive while shaving can cause toxins to enter their system. If that be true... it also explains why most men don't get breast cancer.

    But not being one to always stop with one source, as I want to make informative choices for myself... and encourage others to think about the choices they are making, kept looking and found this link: which agrees with you:
    "Cancer Claims Rumors surfaced on the Internet in the 1990s that antiperspirants have a link in causing breast cancer; these are now widely considered to be an urban myth. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Cancer Society (ACS), these claims are largely unsubstantiated by scientific research."

  6. Here's another take on the whole deo/BO thing:

    The Editor

  7. Thanks for the info, Dialing Home!


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