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5 Random Things That You Will (Hopefully!) Enjoy Reading

First of all, I'd like to say another great big THANK YOU to all you lovely people who left comments for my last post! You've gotten me all psyched up to do some serious blogging!

Also, instead of continuing to whine and complain about how my blog's button is way too big, I stopped being lazy for just a few seconds and fixed it.


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Better, isn't it? Ah, I feel so accomplished today!
Okay, here is that list:

1. The weather in Albuquerque is bizarre during the spring. We took the dogs for a walk the other day and I was able to wear shorts and a tank top. Less than 24 hours later, it snowed.

2. Sexy Nerd and I have as many fruit trees as we can cram into our cookie-cutter neighborhood backyard. Last year, we didn't get a single cherry on either of our cherry trees because it froze after the trees blossomed. We already have blossoms on our nectarine tree this year. To prevent losing all the fruit, we covered the branches with trash bags. Pica went out her doggy door last night and freaked out, barking and running back into the house ASAP, leaving a pitiful trail of pee behind her.

"Look out, Pica, the garbage bag Boogyman is in our backyard!"

3. We went to see Cabaret last weekend. Can someone please help me understand how this musical ever made it to the stage, let alone how it has managed to stick around for so many years? There was no story! Which character should we have been rooting for? Certainly not the guy who punches his girlfriend in the face, right? (and they never addressed this!!!) If I had to choose a part where Cabaret officially lost me, it would have to be the "2 ladies" scene. If you've seen it, you're almost certainly cringing right now. If you haven't seen it, lucky you.

4. In Blogger, there is an "Amazon Associates" box to the right when I write a post. It has a box for typing names of items I might like to feature here. I don't know how this happened, but the search term is currently "and peeing and". I haven't clicked that box at all.

5. Allergies suck! It's so unfair! I used to be one of the lucky people, telling all my stuffy-nosed friends about how I never have allergies. All of a sudden, I'm suffering along with everyone else. My throat is sore and it feels like someone is squeezing the top of my nose, between my eyes. My nose is dry and stuffy and runny all at the same time (how is that possible?!) If I weren't feeling so darn crappy, I'd plan a getaway for me and Sexy Nerd. Please let me know if you live somewhere with a short (or non-existent, if that's possible) allergy season.

Think you can't suffer from allergies when the weather is like this?
Think again.

I just proofread everything above. After reading #5, maybe it is a little bit fair. I didn't intend to sound like such a brat. It must have been the Benadryl talking.
It still sucks though.


  1. Ok woman - I have a major bone to pick with you because Cabaret is my absolute favorite!!!!!! I have seen it 5 times on the stage and I love it!!!! Sure, the two ladies song is a little out there - but it shows just how crazy the Berlin night life was - boys and boys, girls and girls, crazy stuff for the 1940's! And no story!!!??? You're not really supposed to be rooting for anyone - it's a sad story, to be true. About life disrupted in the midst of the Holocaust. I think you were on crack or something because it is absolutely fabulous and my all-time favorite musical! And I have seen a lot. We can agree to disagree but I am majorly diagreeing with you on this one! Haha.

  2. still loving your blog! Glad your back with a renewded spirit!

  3. I love the photo! Do you really live in the mountains?! I'm so jealous.

  4. Hiya... would like to address #2 above: We too have fruit trees in are yard. I cover them with old sheets and Giant Light Weight Tarp type Plastic that the Co-op would throw away otherwise. They were more than willing to Recycle them.

    If your not already aware, there is a net you can get to put over your Cherry Trees ect, so the Birds don't eat up all the fruit before you can get to it.

    We live on an acre and add to our Fruit Garden each year... thus far we have Peach, Italian Plums, Apricot, Sweet Cherries, Persimmion, Pippen Apple, Grapes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries. We plan to add some more... like Elderberries, Kiwi Vines, ect. (I am given them as a Mother's Day Gifts). Last year we added an English Walnut, a Black Walnut came with the Property, and for this year I have ordered a Almond. Am hoping to add Bee Hives too...

  5. Bless your sweet little doggie's heart -- why do they freak so easily? I'm totally jealous of your fruit trees. WE want to plant some lemon and orange trees in our backyard too. I'd also LOVE some blueberry bushes.

    Allergies are TERRIBLE all over this year! HOpe you feel better.

  6. I am starting to suffer from allergies too, I hate it! But, I love cherry blossoms! They are so pretty!

  7. Aren't allergies the worst? Oh my goodness. I can not take it this year. My boss actually asked me if I was smoking pot because my eyes were all red and crying. I have never smoked pot in my life! I need to find something to make them go away! : )

  8. Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like everyone is getting crazy weather this year! And do NOT move to Mississippi if you are wanting a place where your allergies do not bother you. Our allergy season here is just about year round and unfortunately I have TERRIBLE allergies! Hope the weather warms back up for ya soon and that your allergies clear up!


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