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Jack Russells Are The Best Dogs

I can sum up why Jack Russell terriers are the best dogs in 3 photos.

Oh, Pica!

A ridiculous girl with her ridiculous dog.
Yes, those are snowman socks.

After hearing the Advil commercial, Pica knew there was 
no need to go easy on Sexy Nerd.

As smart as they are, Jack Russell terriers can also be the most annoying, pizza-stealing, running down the street while you scream at them, dogs ever! But we'll save that for another time.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great Pictures!

  2. I agree! JRT are the BEST EVER!! :) I have two...and I love your "running down the street while you scream at them" description. SO true :]

  3. Awww your pup is super cute. I can't wait to get a pup. Hopefully soonish!

  4. My parents have a JRT. Names Jacqui (how original)....she is 13 years old...and just as NUTS as the day that they brought her home!! haha...gotta love em!

  5. He's adorable! I am a beagle lover from way back!

  6. i have a jack russell/boston terrier mix and she is a wiiiiiiiild woman!!!!

  7. Hey Lamby- you have a very cute puppy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have a new post about my pup too.

  8. Jack's sure have a lot of have to be young to have one, I am thinking anyway:)

  9. I think Pica is a danish/swedish farm dog, not a jack russel.

    Cute dog.


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