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Woman's Day Magazine No Longer Irks Me!

You may recall my rant a while back (Woman's Day Magazine Irks Me). For the record, I'm not some crazy devil-worshiper who gets offended easily and tries to censor every little thing. I just don't feel that it's appropriate for a non-religious magazine that intends to appeal to all women to have a bible verse as a feature in every issue. An inspirational quote? Sure! An article where a woman talks about her faith? No problem! But an actual bible verse that says to praise God? seems a bit out of place amidst the recipes and life tips. 

You want to know how to tick off a lot of women really fast? Mention your beef with Woman's Day Magazine on the Woman's Day Message board! Here is a sample of the feedback I received:

 "There is so much absolute filth out there. It's even in cartoons and shows, intended for kids." (True, but that really doesn't justify keeping the bible verse.)

"While you may or may not like the quoting of a Bible verse each month on the Table of Contents page, I would not like to see a quote from some other religion or school of thought - one you would deem for everyone - for then it would not be for me!" (Did this poster not just put herself exactly in my shoes and not even realize it?)

"To decide to buy, or not buy, a magazine because of one bible quote on the Contents page is asinine. " (I'm sorry. I must have sent the wrong message when I wrote that as long as they continued to provide the same household tips and recipes, I would continue to subscribe.)

"I'll just cancel my subscription, and encourage others to do so as well." (The solution to if the verse is removed. Oh, but cancelling because it stays is asinine, right?)

"Perhaps Ms. Lambaround would consider attending a church/religious service of her choosing to see what the verses are referring to." (I can't even find words for this one.)

"When I saw the quote that you selected, it turned my stomach. Maybe that's because, as a counselor, I've seen the terrible things that people do to themselves and to the people they love through that type of thinking."

As for that last response, the women on the message board challenged me that there are no inspirational quotes that can apply to people without factoring in religion (never mind all those other inspirational quotes I see in the newspaper and other magazines!) I did a quick Google search for inspirational quotes and cut/paste the 1st few I saw. The first was "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." Goodness, whatever was I thinking, selecting such a disgusting quote, which is sure to lead everyone who reads it down a path of self destruction!

Anyway, the reason I began this post was to say that I have received my April issue and the bible verse is gone! Maybe it had something to do with the new Woman's Day editor, Elizabeth Mayhew, reading my original post (and commenting! How awesome is she?) and maybe (most likely) not. Still, after causing such a fuss, I think it's only right that I let Elizabeth Mayhew know my impression of the new issue. I read it during my lunch breaks over 3 days and had planned to just mention the 1 or 2 things I loved about the issue. However, there were so many little things that made it enjoyable that I actually ended up taking notes! Lol, I told the other girls at work that I'd assigned myself some homework. They all think I'm just a little more nuts than before.

Why The April 17, 2010 Issue of Woman's Day Magazine is the BEST ISSUE EVER
(and why you should run out and buy it subscribe if you haven't already!)
  1. The attention to detail in this issue is evident even from the cover. The napkins with red trim beneath the bowl of spaghetti really brings everything together.
  2. I'm excited about the new feature, All's Well The Ends Well. This month taught how to perfectly sew on a button. As a sewing-challenged individual, this made my day. No one ever teaches you how to do little things like this. They just assume you know! But we all have to learn somewhere, right?
  3. This issue is filled with interesting facts. Did you know that the average vegetable you buy at the grocery store has traveled 1,500 miles to get to you? This has me more determined than ever to make our vegetable garden a success this year!
  4. I'm going to try the branch forcing tip from page 10 with a branch from my Crabapple tree. 
  5. There is an interview with Queen Latifah! Who can honestly say that they don't like her? She's a great role model for women and she appeals to different generations.
  6. I had never heard of Wabi Sabi before and I got a laugh from Wabi Sabi 101.
  7. Page 41 has advice from a plumber on clogs. At first I thought it was just going to be basic information, but it actually taught me a lot. I hope I'll never need to use the digital photo tip, but if I do, I'll be glad I know it!
  8. I made the Comfort Food Without the Guilt recipe for Turkey Tetrazzini for dinner the other night. It was a perfect magazine recipe because it used ingredients that I had on hand. It was also quite tasty!
  9. Page 82 received a giant comment with exclamation point on my "homework". It says that "thoroughly rinsing beans under water will wash away a good amount of salt". I have always wondered whether rinsing my canned foods actually made much of a difference. I even mentioned it in a recent post (LambAround Taco Salad Recipe).
  10. I couldn't believe the statistic that 10% of hospital admissions are from taking medications incorrectly. It seems so high! Then I thought about my job. I work in a pediatric dental office and it's ridiculous how many parents do not give their child the correct dosage of Penicillin. It doesn't matter if we stress to them that their child has an infection and can die if they don't take all of the Penicillin. They skip doses, or skip filling the prescription altogether, and call us saying their child has a toothache and their entire face is swollen. It's insane!
  11. Page 102 - I thought Syrah and Shiraz were two different kinds of wine (though, to be fair, I'm not much of a wine connoisseur).
  12. The sauce ideas to go with chicken all sound quick, easy, and tasty. They would also be good mixed in with pasta, rice, or couscous.
There were a few other notes I'd made on my "homework" that didn't quite seem deserving of the above list. The wackiest? "Page 117 - Giant Doughnut!" I think I'd had enough note taking for one day.

This really is a great issue!


  1. I actually LOVE Woman's Day and Family Circle and all of those magazines..they are totally underrated just because they don;t have celebrities on the cover or cover the latest fashion. Tons of great recipes, idea, tips, etc. I never even noticed the bible verse.

    That is cool that the editor commented on your post...she is doing her job and paying attention to the peeps out there.

  2. My mom subscribes. I've thought for a while that the magazine is a little fuddy-duddy. Sounds like Mayhew might be updating the style a bit. Glad to see it.
    The Bible verse doesn't bother because I am Catholic, but I really think a range of inspirational quotes would be better - and I'm all for inspirational verses from other religions. I don't understand why "Christians" judged you so harshly for expressing your opinion. Ridic.

  3. 9 years ago I would have given you a hearty Amen, ironic as that is. Today I can simply say, I remember myself being so put off by anything Biblical. The word of God itself says it will offend and divide. Blessings to you today Lamb Around.

  4. I just subscribed to this. Hope I like it!

  5. haha i think i love you! thanks for the follow, i am following back!

  6. I am glad you changed your mind and tried it! It sure sounds like you got a lot of good information out of it. One Bible verse isn't a good reason not to like something : ) At least in my opinion. I only read the magazines my neighbor gives me or the Photography magazines I get at the thrift store on half price day! : )

  7. What a lovely blog!!
    Thanks for the follow ;I 'm now following you back!
    Betty x

  8. I am now following!
    I'm sorry , I thought I was following you!
    I am glad i discovered it today!!
    Betty x

  9. I'm not a magazine time...but I do agree that the quotes you describe are a little out of place in a non-religious magazine. I think inspirational quotes would be better. There are just too many different views out there and there's no way to appeal to all of them without offending someone.

  10. Sorry to hear the only way you discover spring is by the kick-start of allergies. Yugh.

    Ahhh...the quickest way to get a response is by 'attacking' the Bible. I giggled about your responses.


  11. Not sure where my comment went, but thanks for following me....I am following you back but am being distracted by this cupcake. I could go for a brownie right now or at least some sour jubejubes.


  12. I have to say I am the one who would put down the magazine for the religious quotes. I don't need anyone pushing their beliefs on me and I would never push mine on you. If I wanted to read something religious I guess I would pick-up the bible but I don't. I am glad to hear that your comment made a difference and that obviously someone was listening! Breathe of fresh air!!

  13. Great post! To me, living in Sweden, it sounds extremely weird that a magazine should have a bible quote in every issue. That would just not happen here. I have nothing against bible quotes, but think, as you say, that a magazine for women should use all kinds of quotes, not just from ONE religion.


  14. I wouldn't really know how to sew on a button either! So glad you stopped by the Cellulite Investigation the other day. I love finding smart new blogging friends! And you are right, that mesotone label is really annoying, now that I think about it!

  15. Hi! I have subscribed to Woman's Day for many years and renew every year for my mom AND grandma--we all get a lot out of it at ages 32, 60 ad 84!!
    I AGREE, this last issue was so good that instead of tearing out stuff, I'm just keeping the whole thing!! The wabi sabi stuff was especially interesting!
    As for the Scripture quote, I wonder if the magazine started off as some sort of religious publication and, after "dropping" the association over the years, just kept the verse sort of "accidentally?"
    I am actually an avid Bible reader and studier and am amazed at how many "inspirational quotes" are near-paraphrases of Bible verses {or at least similar}--kind of interesting!! So the verse in the front never bothered me at all. In fact, I'll kind of miss it!

  16. Interesting post and follow up. My first impression was that you had a lot of free time on your hands, to write such a long review. Then it occurred to me - do you work for Woman's Day? It sounds like you do.
    Quite honestly, I've read the mag for years. With the exception of a blank white spot where the quote used to be, the magazine seems pretty much the same as it ever did.

  17. To be honest, I've always been a bit bugged by the magazine because it seemed to me like there was nothing but advertisements on EVERY OTHER page. However, your review of this issue does make it sound interesting. Unfortunately, I'm full up around here with Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly, People, Journal, Readers Digest, Guidepost and other church magazines. i seriously can't keep up with it all. Oh, and THANKS for stopping by and commenting not once, but twice.

  18. Way to take a stand and make a difference!! You must be so proud :)

    That "counselor" commenter kind of scares me though. What kind of counselor is she that a quote like that would lead to such negative results?

  19. Honestly, you shouldn't worry too much about what the "ladies" at WD say. That board pretty much dissolved a year ago and all that is left are the moderators who love to run off potential members with suspicions and innuendo.

  20. Just wondering how you feel about the Bible Quote being back (as of the May 1 issue)? Apparently, the omission in the previous issue was an oversight, but I don't buy that.

  21. Hey there, Anonymous. I wonder if you'll see this. I'd comment you back directly, but you didn't provide any contact information. I've been talking to Elizabeth Mayhew and it was not an oversight. I have a post scheduled to appear tomorrow morning with an email I received from her. I just received my issue this afternoon and haven't had a chance to look at it yet, other than the verse. It looks like they are using religion-neutral verses now. No more "praise the lord"! :)

  22. I like this magazine. And I liked reading about this controversary vicariously. I am all about conflict...when it's not mine - ha!

    Well written.


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