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Cruising, HGTV Green Home, CRAZY Sexy Nerd and LAZY Me

1. Sexy Nerd and I have received our cabin assignment for our cruise. We were upgraded from the cheapest, not-even-a-tiny-window room to a room with not just a balcony, but an oversized balcony, which is much fancier than any room we've had on a cruise before. Sexy Nerd was quick to point out that it will probably be too cold to ever set foot on the balcony so it doesn't matter. He's such a downer!

2. I've been browsing through the photos of the 2010 HGTV Green Home. I want it! I do have one complaint though. See if you can guess what it is based on this photo:

Gigantic, gas-guzzling, Alero-running over SUVS are not "green", HGTV! What's that? It's a GMC Yukon Hybrid that gets 21 mpg in the city? That's still atrocious! The Toyota Echo (my dream car, which Sexy Nerd makes fun of) got over 40 mpg and it wasn't even a hybrid! 21 mpg. Puh-lease!

Oops! I just realized that it's a GMC Terrain, not a Yukon Hybrid. Depending on which Terrain it is, it gets somewhere between 17 and 22 mpg in the city. Not impressed!

The Toyota Echo. It's like a big jelly bean with wheels!
Freakishly small wheels!

3. Sexy Nerd wants to be prepared for our cruise by learning the language of the locals. He began teaching himself French yesterday at 4pm by watching French language clips on YouTube. Already, he has far surpassed me and my 2 years of high school French. Afterward, he did 2 loads of laundry, bottled a batch of homemade beer, and organized his closet. I watched TV.

Back to #2, HGTV isn't going to hold this post against me when I win the 2010 HGTV Green Home, are they? Maybe I'll take this down the day before the drawing.


  1. Bon Voyage. I hear once you get a balcony you can never go back.

    My coworkers just bought a Suburu. Not a hybrid (as those batteries need to be replaced every 10 years) but apparently it cleans the air as you drive.


  2. Oooh, cruise to France sounds great! I could really use a vacation...even though I just went on my honeymoon 5 months ago, haha. I'm with you on the gorgeous Green home being contradicted by the SUV - give a new Honda Insight and I'll be happy.

  3. I totally think that dreamhome is a giveaway scam!

  4. Can I just say if all I need to do is book a cruise in order to get my hubby to doo all of that I am going to be booking the next cruise out of this miserable town! Hahahahahaha

    I don't think I would take the Toyota hybrid either with all the issues they've been having lately...How about a couple of Vespas?!

  5. Cute cute blog. I love the way you write. :)


  6. Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS Day! I am finally getting the chance to meet and greet the fabulous ladies who showed some love for me. Hope to see you at Theta Mom again! :)

  7. Wow, way exciting about the cabin upgrade! Woohoo!

  8. It is all about who ponies up the money...they'd have put a Hummer in the driveway if they gave them money (I do not trust it but do not trust it). When we went on our first cruise, we booked so close to departure we got a great cabin...I didn't realize there were cabins w/o windows and totally put my foot in my mouth at dinner..oops!

  9. I love small, economic cars too. Right now I'm driving a little KIA Rioo and couldn't be happier. Yes, I have 2 kids, but still don't need a big SUV. Occasionally I have to put my son's tricycle in the passanger seat, but it's still doable. Just thinking how much money I save in gas and the fact that I'm producing less gas emissions makes me feel great!

    As for the fench... Good luck with it! I studied it for 1 year, because I lived in a french speaking country and didn't learn very much :)


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