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Fun With Allergies

You know how I know that these allergies are getting the better of me? I had a conversation with Pica and Biscuit this morning. It went a little something like this:

"Uuuuuuuugh! My throat is so sore that I'm losing my voice! I can barely talk! How am I going to work all day if I can't talk?"

And, of course, upon realizing that I would be wise to keep my thoughts in my head, rather than speak them, I told the dogs:

"I should stop talking to you guys and save my voice for work! I'm not going to tell you about my allergies any more or about how I'm losing my voice! You're going to make me useless at work!"

They were concerned. "Mom's gone crazy," they thought, wondering if this meant breakfast would be delayed. You can see it in their faces.

I've been taking Benadryl before bed each night. It helps me fall asleep, but I always wake up with the urge to quit my job and simply stay in bed forever. I've tried the Walgreens version of some other allergy drug (I think it's supposed to be like Claratin...or maybe it was Sudafed? I'm in an allergy fog at the moment) but it didn't seem to make any difference. Last night, I tried drinking Theraflu before bed. The box said it would relieve my exact allergy symptoms. Sure enough, it tasted lemony and delicious and put me right to sleep...until 1am, when I woke up completely wired, and having to pee. Really, a big drink + makes you sleepy is a bad combination. I was annoyed to be wide awake at 1am, until it occurred to me that I had no idea what time I drank the Theraflu and had fallen asleep. For all I knew, 1am was a perfectly appropriate time to wake up!

Last, but not least, (well, maybe least) I decided to search for natural allergy remedies. Supposedly, I can completely cure any allergy, whether from pollen, cats, or seafood, by drinking several shots of apple cider vinegar a day. It sounded like complete baloney. There were so many positive reviews though, including two from Albuquerque! I'm pleased to report that the 8 shots of apple cider vinegar I've had today didn't taste nearly as bad as I'd expected. Now to just keep this up for 13 more days and I should be 100% cured!


  1. THANK YOU. That is my issue with those flu-tea things.
    Why, yes, I would like to be completely drugged into a coma for 8 hours and have sweaty sick dreams about exploding bladders while I wet my bed, because I love nothing more when I'm sick and miserable than to piss myself. That definitely helps me feel better.

    Edit: Word verification: coldi.

  2. Haha, I talk to my baby all the time. And I know she wants to say something back but she just can't. It's so frustrating!

  3. Allegies seem to be taking everyone out this year! Let me know how the home remedy ends up working out for you.

  4. Love the picture of the dogs ~ so darn cute!
    Sorry about the allergies. Hope the apple cider vinegar works!

  5. Now that I read your post, I am wondering about the real origins of my flu...maybe it isn't just a flu. Let me write down a couple of names you give, the medications may turn out to be very useful ;-) And anyway, I am already drinking liters of Coldrex every night, so no suprise side effects for me in store...;-) Take care,

  6. And you might even be pickled to boot! You'll should be just about perfect about cruise time right? ;-)

  7. Allergies are terrible. I'm so lucky I don't have them! I hope you get better for the cruise. Now I'm trying to talk my husband into going on a cruise too :)

  8. Hi viditing you from Saturday Sharefest. I have had allergies forever, but they seem to have gotten better as I have gotten older. The only thing that seems to get me now- and only my eyes are excessive pollen and cat hair!

  9. I hate, HATE allergies and mine are bad this year. Just popped a generic Claritin which helps some. I don't do well with the flu thingies either. Love the doggies!

  10. Allergies are the WORST! I spent my entire last semester of school unable to sing, which is bad when you're a vocal major, due to allergies. They come in waves for me now, but mostly I can keep them under control. Sorry you're suffering! Good luck with all remedies. May you be back to "normal" SOON!


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