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TV Babies

I stumbled upon this article and wanted to share it. Click here. I've never seen an episode of most of these shows (you read that right - I've never watched The Office or Lost!), and as for the comment that Friends limped along for two more years after Emma was born, I completely disagree. I love Friends! My friends used to tease me for wearing a Friends shirt to school during 6th grade. I wish the actors would stop being so darn stubborn and make a Friends movie! So, why did I enjoy this article so much? Because of I Love Lucy.

"The word "pregnant" was never said on the show; instead writers used "expecting" to please censors". 

And I thought the censors were picky today!

I thought Pebbles had always been on the Flintstones. You learn something new every day!


  1. You need to watch The Office woman! But I'm with you on Friends - Love that show! Miss it!

  2. That was interesting, thanks for the link.

  3. I cant believe they never used the word pregnant! Thats crazy! Its such a beautiful word!

  4. I anxiously awaited Mad About You, and Friends. I don;t remember Flintstones w/o Pebbles either.

  5. I used to love Friends too! But I LOVE the Office. I waited for that baby...

  6. I love Friends! I think I've seen pretty much every episode, they're great for when you just want to watch something light you know will make you laugh!

  7. Hi - Thanks for leaving me such a nice compliment. You made my day. I had to laugh at the mention that you didn't know Pebbles wasn't always on the Flintstones. I am a child of the Flintstone era and can vividly rememeber when Wilma was pregnant. After Pebbly Poo was born, The Rubbles adopted Bam Bam. I even had a Pebbles doll when I was little. She had a bone in her hair and all.


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