My Awkward Family Photo

Have you checked out I was hooked on it, but have completely gotten over my addiction. Technically, that's because on Sunday I looked through every single photo on the site and nothing is new to me anymore, but the important thing is that I got it out of my system.

While looking for an old prom photo for this post, I came across a photo that would fit in perfectly on the Awkward Family site. It's from high school, when my family went to Disney World. I was enchanted by all the Disney magic, but it wasn't getting through to my dad and younger brother.

Sometimes, I wonder if I may have been switched with another baby at birth. That girl is off enjoying life with what should rightfully be my cheerful, sane family. She's probably raining on their parade! Then, I see a photo like this, and I'm sure of it.

Yes, dad, we are from New Mexico. And try not to look too excited, Michael!

Sadly, this is just 1 awkward family photo of many.
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