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Who's Up For Some Peacock Lovin'?

Sexy Nerd and I spent Friday morning at the Albuquerque Zoo* (you know, the one notorious for dismembered giraffes and break-ins by idiots). There was a small group of women with their young children walking ahead of us when we crossed paths with a few peacocks.

Hey baby.
One woman began to explain to her children that the male peacock is the one with the beautiful feathers, which he uses to attract a mate. Normal enough. The other woman, however, jumped in very enthusiastically and said:

"If I were a peacock, I'd just find that guy irresistible! Really, he's even turning me on as a human!" 

At what age do kids begin to realize how embarrassing their parents are?

Lookin' sexy, Mr. Peacock!

*I should point out that, despite the negative links, Sexy Nerd and I love the zoo. We even joined their yearly pass program. You just can't beat the people-watching!


  1. Watching people at the zoo is better than any sitcome on TV!

  2. LOL! People say the weirdest things. We took our daughter to the Science museum over the weekend. Out in front, they have a real air force fighter plane. One dad said to his two sons, if that were coming right at you, you'd have to duck! My husband and I started laughing.

  3. Too funny! I can't wait to embarrass our future kids :-)

  4. Seriously. Sometimes it's more fun to go to the zoo for the people rather than the animals. We have the same experience here in North Carolina. There's one main zoo and it attracts some pretty interesting species of human.

  5. Bwhahahahaha, that is absolutely fantastic! What is that mother thinking? If only I could be a fly on the wall to hear the convo's at home when the other kids go home and ask their parents what the devil she was talking about.

  6. Hahahaha, that mother sounds desperate for some lovin' from her babies daddy/daddies.

    You're right - the people watching at places like that is top notch. :)

  7. Ummm I don't think that one qualifies as embarrassing as much as it does "creepy!" I mean they are beautiful birds and all...but really?

  8. BaaaHaaaa! Funny, yet creepy all at the same time...One of those 'oh my god I want to crawl under the park bench and pretend she's not my mother' moments for her kids!

  9. Oh my! My dad and I prefer people watching to shopping on just never know what you might see!

    Speaking of "seeing things" I tagged you in a photo challenge, if you should like to participate, stop by for instructions!

  10. I have a yearly pass too to a local zoo! I'll admit it, my husband and I bought it just to see the walrus. His name is E.T. He has two girlfriend. He's supposed to be making baby walruses, but no luck yet.

    We really like walruses.

    Side note: Last time we were at the zoo, we took a billion pictures of the peacocks wandering around. It was like a modeling shoot, they sure strutted their stuff!

  11. I can't believe the things people say sometimes. That peacock is beautiful.

  12. We love a great zoo too! Beautiful pictures of the peacock! Great photography!


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