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Not "Baaad" Sundays - 2nd One EVER (omg!!)

Gosh darn it! Earlier, I scheduled this to post today at 5pm. I just got home from serving at my boss's Yom Kippur party and discovered, close to midnight, that it was marked as "draft". Aaargh! Anyhoo, here is my ever-so-slightly belated post:

Welcome back, my bloggy friends, to the second Not "Baaad" Sundays Linky Party! In case you've forgotten, (can't blame you - it's been a looooong week!) there are 2 things that makes my Linky special:

1. This Linky is open to all posts that you are proud of. Did you recently post about a great decorating project, craft, or recipe? That's wonderful if you did, but just fine if you didn't. I just want you to link to a post or posts you are proud of.

2. Do you ever find yourself trying not to duplicate posts on blog hops but aren't quite sure what you posted the previous weeks? Problem solved! The Linky from today will return next week, making it easy to see what you posted last time (and giving you a 2nd chance to visit any great posts you may have missed!)

Doesn't this sound like fun? Of course, I do ask that you link directly to your post and include a photo from that post, not just your blog logo. And if you could post my Not "Baaad" Sundays button or at least a link with your post, I'll love you forever! I know I can count on you to get the word out and help make Not "Baaad" Sundays a success! Thanks so, so much everyone!

See you next Sunday!


  1. love this hop found a load of gr8 blogs 2 follow. thx 4 hosting!

  2. Hi Lamb-

    Don't be too frustrated with yourself thinking you pressed the publish button and not draft. I am always afraid in my haste that I will do the exact same thing or worse hit publish when I haven't finished the post.

    I will link up my latest post.
    M best- Diane

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you now!

  4. Thanks for hosting, off to check out some others!

  5. Thanks, girl for hosting! Love your party because it is ours. :)
    Have a good lazy Sunday!

  6. Wow...a lot of people in this party...that's great. Maybe I will have something for next week.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...which made me laugh! :-)


  7. You've obviously gotten the word out, your linky is fully loaded! For some reason my picture didn't upload; sorry for the big ol' blank square. Hope you had a great weekend!

    Oh, and I LOVE your new background, such cute pictures!

  8. Thanks for hosting this! Off to find more awesome bloggers like you :o)

  9. Thanks for stopping by today and what a lovely surprise about the Sunday Hop. Great idea! I have added your badge to both of my blog hop sidebar lists.

  10. I have done that...except instead of saved as draft, I set it to post like 10 hours later than normal. It was two hours before I figured out why no one was responding to my post! Doh!

  11. That is such a good idea! I'll have to participate next week!


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