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Thank You, Thank You (SITS Repost)

Blogging hasn't seemed very worthwhile the last few days. After all, I thought, does anyone actually read this? I'm not writing this for money. There are zillions of better blogs out there. No one clicks my crappy ads or posts my button (it's too darn big!) or nominates me for a BlogHer award or to be featured on SITS or follows me, and why would they? LambAround sucks! There are more productive things I could be doing, like working on that book I've been trying to write since...well...too long ago to admit. My house is trashed, (Sexy Nerd's beer brewing doesn't help) my head is congested from allergies, (I hate New Mexico sooo much right now!) and we had an insanely busy/short-handed week at work (spring break at a pediatric dental office is not fun, especially when 2 of the 4 other employees call in because of horrible family emergencies). I was ready to let LambAround sit idle for a few days (weeks? months?). Then, I signed on and read this comment:

Amber said...
I have checked out your blog a few times before, but this is the post that has won me over and turned me into a button-displaying regular reader!
The anxiety, I haz it too.

Great post!
That is exactly what I needed to hear right now! It was even on a post that I almost didn't write - it seemed too personal, like people would be less likely to read my blog if I posted it. My mom used to encourage me to write, but was always appalled/embarrassed/furious whenever I wrote anything even remotely personal. I went back and read the comments that all you wonderful people have left. There were more than I expected! I decided to make a list of everyone who has commented.

If I could go back, I wouldn't have used such an inky pen. Or, crazy thought, since I planned to type the list, I would have just typed it to begin with!

So much ink! It's on the light switches! It's on the kitchen counter! It's EVERYWHERE!

So, to sum up the sappiest post you'll ever see me write, thank you so, so much to everyone who reads this blog. It may seem a little silly, but it means a lot to me. I'm not the social type by any stretch of the imagination. How I ended up with a job where I have to answer the phone every day blows my mind! I guess you could say LambAround is my way of interacting with others. I'd like to say an extra-special thank you to the people who have left comments, listed below (also, I will try to add a link to each persons site within the next few days!):
  1. Sarah
  2. Amanda
  3. Meg
  4. Gena
  5. Sarah P
  6. Stacy
  7. Maile
  8. Tina Lane
  9. Stacie
  10. desertscope
  11. Reeni (there should be a little heart at the end of this name, but I'm not sure how to type it!)
  12. Carrie
  13. Kristen
  14. Danielle
  15. Holly
  16. Melissa
  17. Amber
  18. $treSs-SuNsh!ne-St3ph! (I hope I typed this right! It's a tricky one!!)
  19. bren
  20. The Daydreamer
  21. Spicie Foodie
  22. Jessica
  23. Post Grad Hair Cut
  24. Cinnamon-Girl
  25. Mizzsharon
  26. bananas
  27. Annie
  28. Deb
  29. Elisa@Globetrotting in Heels
  30. Lauren Jean
  31. Blue~Flame
  32. masoodmemon
  33. Elizabeth Mayhew (this one kinda counts and kinda doesn't count)(She's going to get a special post as soon as I get off my lazy behind!)
  34. pumpkinpie
  35. Damaris
  36. Gina@MoneywiseMoms
  37. Martha's Menagerie
  38. Kim
  39. Carrie@LaughLoveEatIceCream (love the name...this and the other long ones are a bit of a pain when writing out a list of names by hand though. LOL)
  40. Taylor@TheUndomesticMamma (another blogger guilty of having a super-long name. Gotta love it)
  41. Hope Chella
  42. Debbie in Nashville
  43. jan~tomatobaby
  44. Romy
  45. New Mommy!!! (congratulations!)
  46. jessicaray
  47. That one girl
  48. Taylor-Made Wife
  49. shannon i olsen
  50. Don
  51. Sarah Mac
  52. meredith
  53. Jeffrey
  54. My Husband's Watching TV
  55. Mom in Boyland
  56. Marianne
  57. tashaface
  58. Jane
  59. W.B. Picklesworth (
  60. Dialing Home
Thank you again. You're all fabulous! I have visited all your blogs and plan to continue to visit in the future. Also, I just counted my hand-written list and discovered that there should only be 59 names - one of you is being sneaky and is double thanked! Perhaps it's a sign that this is going to be a wonderful day for you. 
I hope so.

*Update Added At 11am!
I just went to the blog for Taylor@TheUndomesticMomma and read some crushing news. If you have a second to spare, please visit and share your support!


  1. LOL! .02? That's more than I ever made!

    I think you are awesome! (-:

  2. Awww, you are so cute. I feel the same way sometimes and the truth is a blog is kind of a way to be selfish, write what you feel like and hopefully get something out of it; a release of stress, a chuckle, whatever and if someone can get something out of our blog too, SWEET!

  3. hey....I remember this!! you've come a long way baby!

  4. I feel much the same about blogging -- I'm always surprised to find that someone who seems so confident isn't, necessarily. You're on MY blogroll.

  5. Girl, some days come and go and I don't get a single comment! But I don't really care because I'm "met" some awesome people through blogging (including you!) and that's what it's all about! Cheer up girlie! We all heart LambAround!

  6. You bring a smile to my face and make me laugh!! I love the way you write and make everyday things funny and special!! Keep up the good work!! I sure love the "Pica"!!


  7. That is such a nice way to thank your commenters!

    Blogging isn't just about ads and getting people to post your button and getting comments. That's one of the things I've learned. But it sure does make it more fun!

  8. I follow your blog.. and read them when I can.. so many blogs so little time.

  9. Wait, I'm not on your list of "people who've commented"? Not at all?? (Or was that just from one post?)

    Anyway, I like your blog, and I think you're a nice person (which is what matters to me, in a blogger), so I hope you don't give up! :)

    PS you know the way to get featured on SITS is to ask... right? I got to be FB about six months after "applying" so it's a bit of a waiting list...

  10. I didn't read this the first time around, but I know that I enjoyed it now,because, truthfully, I have felt all of those same feelings. A kind of "What's in it for me?" attitude. But, when I step back, and process, I realize that the writing and connecting are what's in it for me. And, I choose to believe my mama who says, "Do what you love." So, I blog on because it makes me happy, and I think that that is what is important.

  11. How nice to thank all of your visitors individually :) I love this idea.

    I know what you mean. This blogging thing is incredibly scary sometimes. I always wonder if I've revealed too much/too little, if I share this tiny tidbit what my readers will think, etc... But the truth is: you have to find what it is about blogging you enjoy so much and stick with that. And receiving a comment like the one you did from Amber should reaffirm why you do this in the first place :)

    I'm your latest follower!

  12. Can I squeeze in at #61? I enjoy coming here and seeing what you have to say.

  13. That's 2 cents more than mine made!

    I've often had those crises as to whether I should bother to keep up with the blog. That's when the well timed comment of a loyal reader is such a blessing. Glad you have all these lovely ladies to keep you going!

  14. What a sweet gesture to recognize all the people who comment.

    I just returned to blogging today after taking the summer off and my heart has leapt every time a new comment comes into my inbox. I know we blog for ourselves to an extent, but, to me, I love the connection that I feel when someone takes the time to comment.


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