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Oooooh, ICKY!

A moment ago, I was lounging around lazily in my pajamas, reading American Baby magazine (no further comment on that).Suddenly, my leg was itchy. The itchiness moved. I glanced down and saw this:

Not that icky, you think? Not even crawling up your leg?? Well, perhaps this will convince you:



  1. ewww eww!! that happened to me once. i found an earwig crawling up my neck! ug even thinking about it creeps me out, im all itchy as we speak.. or type. Btw, nice layout change looks great! :)

  2. Ohhh that is so gross! I can't stand finding bugs in my house, much less the thought of one crawling on me!

  3. Lambie, even I think that's a big YUCK!!!! ...:)JP

  4. American Baby magazine???? No further comment....what are you saying????

    BTW that bug is truly disgusting!

    Best wishes always,

  5. A friend of mine was at the park when we were younger. We were sitting and chatting when she felt something 'tickle' her leg. She pulled up her trouser leg and it was a WORM.

    I feel for your trauma,I really do. :-)

  6. ewwww!! and hhmmmm? baby magazine???

  7. uh gross! i hate all crawly creatures!!


  8. Totally gross... reminds me of the time when I experienced something grosser than yours...

    The post could be found in my old blog, feel free to read it, but only if you dare...

    ~ Jenny ( )


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