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Sexy Nerd Made Cookies!

Here they are in the cookie dough stage:

Oh wait, that is a photo of them fully baked. Hmmmm...

(Yes, it is fun harassing Sexy Nerd! Besides, considering that he made about 2 dozen of these and right now, less than 4 hours later, they are ALL GONE, I'm sure he knows I'm just teasing him.)

The recipe may or may not be coming soon. I asked Sexy Nerd how he made them and he said "I dunno". So I asked if he used a recipe or just made something up. "I dunno," he said again. To which I, of course, wanted to say  "YOU DAMN WELL KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOU USED A RECIPE, YOU CRAZY ASS NERD!"

Whoops, that wasn't a very nice thing to write. Must be the sugar talking.


  1. lol those boys just are not always as helpful as they think!

  2. Those look delicious!! I am now craving some cookie dough big time.

  3. "You crazy ass nerd." LOL! Were they chocolate chip? Yum!

  4. At least he did hubby never bakes...he just cooks his own meals when he doesn't like what I have done.

  5. That is so nice that he baked! My husband can't boil Men are not the same at communicating as we They are probably better off like that though:)


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