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Can't Feel My Face

Just a short, groggy post. I had my wisdom teeth out this morning and it was sooo much easier than I anticipated! Being knocked out is the way to go! However, that was back before 8am and it's now after 4pm and my tongue, lower lip, and most of my lower jaw/cheeks/ears are still completely numb. It's getting a little old!

Other than that, I'm feelin' fine.


  1. Yeah, that's not fun. And on New Years Ever of all days. Feel better!

  2. Yikes! My dentist has been on me for YEARS to do mine. I went so far as to call for a consultation and they never called me back. I figured that's a sign.

  3. I had that done too. What a way to ring in the New Year!

  4. Oh getting your wisdom teeth out = no fun!

  5. I had that procedure done many years ago and still remember the discomfort. Ouch!

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