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Just a quick question from Sexy Nerd:

Does it make sense to be denied a promotion, despite being told you're currently underpaid/working well above your current job title, because you "don't make enough money" to qualify for the next level yet?

He's having a rough day.


  1. Yep! Been there, heard that! So glad I'm old and retired...:)JP

  2. That's not fair!! I'm so sorry that happened.


  3. I can see why he'd be upset! That's horrible!

  4. What???!!! That sorry to hear this!

  5. Good Lord, no! It's like the whole "you don't have enough management experience for a management position." Um, how does one get said experience??!!

    Here's hoping for a better 2011!

  6. OH this has happened to me! i went and asked for a rasie from my last employer i was an accounts recievable/HR personnel and he said "when you bring in money is when you can get a raise" not those exact words but it was implied. so i came in with a list of shit he would have to pay for if i wasnt there, including 2 people for the 1 job i held! HMPF! ya its rough sometimes to feel appreciated at work!

  7. What a hard situation. It suck to work diligently only to get the shaft from and employer. Hope it doesn't put a damper on your holiday this weekend.


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