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The Shoes with the Ugly Gold Buckles

 I'll be wearing my fancy "new" shoes to work today.

Damn you, Gold Buckle!

 Hmmm, which to choose?

(You're enjoying the narrative, right?)
 Ugly on the back
 Sparkly on the front!
Ta da! Like Dorothy, only pink and with some self control.

That weird little string is still inside the shoes. Does anyone know what that's for?

Taken last night. You do all your blogging in your pajamas too. Admit it.
Side note: Aren't fuzzy slipper socks the greatest?

 Geez! Next to Pica, my size 8.5 feet look freakishly small. Did I ever tell you that she is supposed to be a miniature Jack Russell? I guess Pica didn't get the memo.

I'm not sure whether the girls at work are going to like my sparkly shoes or make fun of me. I think my shoes look fun! The women I work with aren't the type to put nail polish on their ugly gold buckled shoes though. They probably wouldn't have bought the shoes in the first place, even though they were only $5!

Surely, after seeing the wonders of a nailpolish makeover, they will all ditch their $60 a pair shoe habits and join me rummaging through the clearance bin.



  1. Aww cute! A custom pair of shoes for $5, I'll take that over a $60 pair any day!

  2. Aww cute! A custom pair of shoes for $5, I'll take that over a $60 pair any day :)

  3. Super cute! When I first saw the pic I was thinking, "Wow, she can dress like that for work? That sounds awesome!" But you're in your PJs : ) I can only blog in comfy clothes too!

  4. Aww cute! A custom pair of shoes for $5, I'll take that over a $60 pair any day :)

  5. Great job - love the new buckles, so cute. I think that loop in the shoe is to join the shoes together as a pair in the shop - maybe?

  6. Aww cute! A custom pair of shoes for $5, I'll take that over a $60 pair any day :)

  7. Brilliant! And the fuzzy socks make the outfit complete.

  8. I am super cheap when it comes to shoes! I am the only woman whose husband has actually said "you should spend more on shoes."

    But I am fickle and if I hate them in a month and only spent like $20, I don't feel so bad!

  9. Ok, you have me motivated. I'm going to snazz up a pair of shoes that I bought and never wore because I decided I didn't like the stupid buckle after I bought them!

  10. I just love fuzzy slipper socks! I have at least half a dozen pairs. Your newly redesigned buckle looks cute, too!

  11. So did you wear them to work yet? What did your co-workers think? I like your improvement, but especially like the fuzzy socks. Those look comfy.

  12. Too fun! I never would have thought to grab the nail polish. I think you've given me a few dozen new ideas of what to do with the old nail polish that I was about to dump! :> Happy Friday and wishing you a great weekend!

  13. Love the socks!!
    The string is for hanging the shoes in pairs in the shop or adding a security tag to the shoe (oh yes of course then they forget to remove the tag leaving you at home with facing the choice or getting dye over your shoes after you have broken the tag off or trekking all the way back to the shop.)
    Good idea with the nail polish.

  14. Love the sparkly nail polish buckles! You really jazzed up your shoes. Now I want to search the bargain shoe bin as well. Happy Holidays!

  15. So cute with the red buckles now! And yes, I do all my blogging and crafting in PJ's too! :)

  16. I think your shoes are fabulous! Very festive and a great use of nail polish!

  17. Love the sparkle. I do hope you wore those socks!

  18. I wouldn't care to have the opinion of someone who spends $60 on shoes. {{{grin}}}I sound like a reverse snob don't I? Learning how to NOT spend money is an art, actually! I hopped over from Weekend Wander:)
    Have a Happy Blessed Weekend!

  19. Cute redo. Love the socks.

  20. Nail polish is fantastic for painting items. I bought a pearl necklace at the second hand shop. Wanted to restring it but the paint had come off a few of the beads (imitation pear necklace)... So I used nail polish to repaint them. :>)

    Handmade at Warratahstree


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