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Our Anniversary

Monday was me and my Sexy Nerd's anniversary. We've been married 3 whole years! And, since our wedding was on the 4 year anniversary of our first date, we've been together a whopping 7 years!


After Sexy Nerd went to bed on Sunday night, I got started decorating.

I rescued this banner from the trash pile when cleaning my boss's house last week.
Have I mentioned that I work in a dental office?
That's a blog post for another day.

What a fun surprise when you come downstairs!
 Sexy Nerd gets up ridiculously early for work. I made him a batch of breakfast burritos to heat up in the morning and pre-filled the coffee maker for him.

(Click image to enlarge)
 I framed a group of photos for him, including this collage. It features a note from the back of a photo he mailed to me back when we first started dating, when he was living in Michigan.

Ta da!

Next on my agenda was a little chalkboard door decor.
I had more anniversary scheming to do, but at almost midnight, it seemed time to wrap things up.

That, and Sexy Nerd opened the bedroom door upstairs and yelled for me to "QUIT BANGING THINGS AROUND DOWN THERE!"
I jotted down a note and went to bed.

(Click image to enlarge)

The reward for my anniversary surprise? After seeing everything in the morning, Sexy Nerd came back upstairs feeling very foolish for getting mad.

Muah ha ha!
(My evil laugh)

Sexy Nerd wasn't about to be outdone though. Look what was delivered to my work!

Okay, guilt may very well have been at play here.

Isn't he such a sweetie? On a side note, a dental office is no place to have flowers sent. All day, people would walk up, SQUEEZE THE PETALS!!! and remark that they were real. Surprising when you consider all the plastic flowers that smell just like real roses and sit in vases of real water, right?



  1. Happy Anniversary! What sweet surprises you both had for each other.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by The House on the Corner ~ I'm following back!!

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!!

  3. Happy anniversary and thanks for stopping by my blog! Having a baby is the best thing we ever did, but I wouldn't trade those 8 years of being married without kids for anything. ;)

  4. Congrats on the's so nice to see couples still adoring each other after being together for so long!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I just posted about our anniversary too!
    Sorry I haven't been visiting, I have been recovering from surgery, two in one week! Hoping to be linking up again soon.

  6. Happy anniversary! You guys go all out-I love it!

  7. awww oh my goodness I love the sweet gestures. Poor bruised flower petals, I hate that lol why can't people just ask. LOLOL

  8. Congratulations on your Anniversary :)

    I'm following your blog, facebook, twitter and networked blogs through the Traveling Through Thursday Blog Hop.

    ~ Stacey ~

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  9. Good idea!!! I probably would have just slept in and left a card out...kudos to you!

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    Hi! I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop Thursday! I'd love if you'd return the favor! Hope to see you there! And while you're there, maybe you'd like to check out our current giveaways in the sidebar??!!

  11. Happy Anniversary. Looks like you both had some romantic surprises.

  12. Happy Anniversary, Lamb, to you and Sexy Nerd!

    I got tickled about him telling you to quit banging around down there. Oh, does that sound like my Mr. Magpie or what!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  13. Aww! Love your decorating and that chalkboard door is genius!

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    code is fixed..

  15. Happy Anniversary ! Great and fun blog !
    Come see me and follow too :)

  16. What a wonderful surprise for him and then for YOU. Happy Anniversary. May you have decades more together.

  17. Happy anniversary! I found you on the linkup at House of Hepworths. It is great to see you doing such sweet things for your hubby. We do similar decorations when it is the person's birthday. It sounds like he liked the surprise! : )

  18. Happy belated anniversary! You guys both had such cute surprises, I love it!

  19. Lamb and Sexy Nerd,
    Happy 3rd Anniversary. Good to see you are keeping the romance alive!! That is a very good thing, keep it up always, I know, cause I was just married 40 years in November! Always work on your marriage and never give up!!
    blessings hon, Nellie

  20. Happy Anniversary. You are so sweet to put all that effort into it. Keep it up!

  21. How sweet! Happy Anniversary to you! :)

  22. We just celebrated our 42nd anniversary in December. If I had to choose all over again, I'd still choose him. I pray that you have a lifetime of anniversaries to celebrate together. Thank you for sharing your wonderful surprises for the Sexy Nerd. He did really well with the flowers! Cherry Kay

  23. Congrats on your anniversary. Thanks for brining your celebrations to Seasona Sundays. It's great to have you with us.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Sexy nerd....I love it. The two of you did well for each other.

  25. Happy Anniversary! That is such a sweet and thoughtful way to celebrate!


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