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The White Elephant in the Room

You know those products that seem to be heavily marketed around Christmas, then suddenly disappear? The ones with the gimmicky marketing that leave you scratching your head, wondering who would possibly buy something so ridiculous? Check out what Sexy Nerd and I went home with after my family's White Elephant game at Christmas:
No more bending to clean your feet! Hooray.


  1. is it weird that id totally buy that?! no really it does suck to bend down and clean your feet. Sometimes i just stand on one foot, but thats just dangerous!

  2. Check out todays post to see your special award.

  3. Hahahaha Oh my gosh that is too funny! I have an aunt that loves buying "As seen on TV" type stuff, and I can totally imagine her getting those! I hope they are working well for you! ;)

    And I hope that 2011 is treating you well so far!
    Kayla from Crafty Kayla

  4. Genius! I saw a Christmas ad for chia pets. It said you could eat the stuff that grows out of chia pets. Then had a disclaimer that the FDA did not and does not test this plant-based product, so eat at your own risk.


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