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Alero Hates Tweety

Many years ago, Sexy Nerd and I took a little summer road trip to visit his family in Colorado. He was driving, I was sleeping, and all of a sudden we heard a *THUD!* It's not exactly the kind of sound you want to encounter when going 75mph, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the car and we didn't see anything in the rearview mirror. We continued down the road.

It wasn't until we stopped for gas that we realized what had happened.

Fair Warning: If you hated my favorite Super Bowl commercial, you're probably going to hate this.

For the record, I was not the one who attached the note! Sexy Nerd has a craaaazy family.


  1. *giggle* thats something my dad would totally do:)

  2. Poor birdie! I saw a car hit a birdie the other day too.

  3. I am such a softy, I cried hysterically when I was 16 and hit my first bird. I don't do that anymore! Loved your cloche idea, I might have to copy that one.

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  5. I found your blog through the Friday blog hop at Thank's Mail Carrier--and I clicked on it because of your great blog title.

    I think that poor bird is funny. And we have a lot in common--I blog about my life with "Math Man" and our dog Mr. Mason over at

    I'm newly following you too!


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