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Bangs? Blonde??

It's time for a haircut. My mom gave me a gift certificate to go see Bridget at Salon Phoenix, who did my hair last time, and this seems like an ideal opportunity for a major change. I usually just get my hair trimmed whenever a $4.99 Great Clips coupon arrives in the mail. I hate to go to a *real* hair salon and not go all out.

So, what should I have done? I'm leaning toward those long, thick Katy Perry/Zoey Deschanel bangs. My hair grows quickly though, so the maintenance might just drive me crazy.

What should I do? My bloggy friends, the decision is in your hands*!

This is how my hair looks right now, only a bit longer. Yes, I'm rocking a Halloween vest!

*Unless you make a terrible decision. Sorry, there will be no purple streaks for me.


  1. Your adorable as is....I am not good at hair! I say just have a great time!

  2. Well geez, with a vest like that, the hair hardly matters. :)

  3. haha gotta agree with bibliomama there!

  4. I am going to weigh in as a hair stylist :)

    Bangs require a good blow dry everyday unless you're going to pin them. That's what I tell my clients. BUT, most salons will do a complimentary bang trim, so that's a bonus. I think they're really cute.

  5. I want those bangs too =) They are a pain to maintain but are soooo cute!

    dooo it!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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