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I Must Have the Luck O' the Irish

I'm going to begin today's post with a link:

Lamb, you're thinking, why did you just have me open a link for a $150 stockpot?That's an insane price for a stockpot and I don't even care that it's Calphalon Contemporary! I agree with you 100%. Out of concern for our health, (some may argue that it's out of sheer paranoia) Sexy Nerd and I have been wanting to replace our Teflon pans (they kill pet birds!) for quite some time. We wanted a quality set, but are super cheap thrifty.

Allow me to introduce you to our new set of Calphalon Contemporary pans:

Yes, I know what you're thinking (or quite possibly yelling out loud). $499 for a stupid set of pans? Are you crazy?! Well, we are crazy, but in this case we're simply lucky ducks. We stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond the other day and found these pans on the clearance rack, marked down to only $250 because they had been the display set (because, you know, sitting on a shelf is really hard on a pan). Add in my coupon and our grand total with tax was just a few dollars over $200.

Sooo happy! This purchase technically checks off another one of our To Dos on our baby planning list, (you can't cook for a baby in a Teflon pan!) (extremely important that you don't overlook the word 'for' in that last part.) but that's a blog post for another day.


  1. Woo hoo! That is an awesome deal. I get so excited when people get good kitchen deals. Also if you have a Home Goods or TJ Maxx, I've had decent luck there. My friend got a Le Creuset dutch oven for like $45. Ours cost $200. MAGIC!

  2. I love how Bed, Bath and Beyond honors their coupons even after they've expired. OH! And that they gift wrap for free too!

  3. I love to find things on sale! The closest Bed, Bath and Beyond is in Durango with is about an hour from my house. That is probably a good thing, because I would be shopping too much.


  4. Awesome find! Definitely agree with getting rid of that nasty tephlon!

  5. Hi There -- I applaud the idea of creating a safer home, and because there's so much misinformation out there about Teflon, I'm not surprised that you are concerned. I'm a representative of DuPont though, and hope you'll let me share some information with you and your readers so that everyone can make truly informed decisions.

    Regulatory agencies, consumer groups and health associations all have taken a close look at Teflon. This article highlights what they found -- the bottom line is that you can use Teflon without worry.

    I'd truly be glad to share additional information about it if you are interested, and appreciate your consideration of this comment. Cheers, Sara.


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