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Which DSLR?

I have the day off and have spent the afternoon browsing through reviews, comparisons, and videos of digital SLR cameras. I'd intended to just take a quick look online, but my search began hours ago. Frankly, there is too much information available! Just when I think I've found exactly what I want, another camera is casually mentioned on a site and it restarts my search at step 1.

I'm thrifty, so I'm hoping to find a DSLR for approximately $500 or so, lens included. Refurbished is fine. I'd love for it to take decent videos. Right now, my top choice is the Canon EOS Rebel T1i Digital SLR Camera with Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS lens. Yes, of course I cut and pasted that. Geez, the names alone are complicated. No wonder my head hurts!
My question and purpose of this post, my bloggy friends, is to ask your opinion. Has anyone else used this camera? Which digital SLR camera would you buy?

Now, to go eat a late lunch, or start making dinner. And I should probably change out of my pajamas at some point today.


  1. Hello...

    How shop for a new camera! I thought I would just add a little confusion into the mix of camera shopping for you! Hehe! I know that everyone really likes the Canon DSLR cameras...they are very popular. But I had a very good friend who is quite the photographer and he uses a Pentax K-x DSLR and was quite taken with it. When it came time for a new camera purchase for myself, I asked my friend to make a few comparisons for me. He was completely sold on the Pentax K-x. I have had mine for about 5 mos. now and just LOVE IT!!! I am so glad that I went with the Pentax. One of the great options with this Pentax camera is the "Shake Reduction" function that is built right into the camera itself...instead of in the lens. That is a plus for me! Also...I think you will find the Pentax K-x more resonably priced! That was also a determining factor. Well my friend, just thought I would add my "2 cents worth"! Hehe! Best wishes with your shopping and decisions!

    Happy Spring!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Since December we've gotten 3 cameras in strange ways, all Panasonic. The G1, G2, and G2HD. They are all amazing! The G2s are our favourites. We looked at the Canon rebel but decided against it and I'm really glad we got the other one. The buttons are intuitively placed, it's amazingly versatile and the picture quality is amazing. We paid £430 for the g2 with a 14 to 40 lens, and shortly after got a pancake lenses and the g1. The G1 is just as good picture wise, and same controls available as g2, just not placed as flashily on the body. mike did tons of research before we bought and narrowed it right down to those two, Canon and pan. Here in the UK the Panasonic lenses are cheaper than Canon but not sure about US?
    Either one will be great and you'll be really impressed. And show us what you decide on! Good luck! If you have any other questions, email me! Jennaexcell@gmail dot com

  3. Nikon D3100! It is AMAZING! It has so many new features and the video quality is great. I also love the live view option on the LCD. I am a Nikon fan BIG Time now!

  4. Phwaar always such a hard pick! Good luck. Canons are always a good choice, also if it gets damaged it's better to have a canon because they make all their camera parts themselves. Pretty much no other company does that.

  5. Based on reviews I just ordered that Canon you pictured for taking photos for my blog ( I am so excited!

  6. We just bought the rebel xs cause it was on clearance and I wanted to save some money to buy lenses. It doesn't have video though so I'll just use my old camera for that! Good luck on making a decision it took us three days to figure it out!

  7. I got the Canon EOS Rebel T1i for Christmas from my husband and I love it! Sam's has a package that came with a case, 18-55mm lens and 18-200mm lens. I did all of the research and only the T2i ranked higher, but the cost was a lot more. (My sister-in-law got the T2i package for Christmas.)

    I would order a larger memory card. The videos are very high quality, but eat up lots of memory as I found out when videoing my son's first ski runs this year.


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