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More Fun with Nuke

Remember Nuke the baby? (Click here if you missed it)(Ooh, and click if you didn't read the comments! There are some hilarious ones!)

Sadly, Sexy Nerd's nuclear weapon obsession doesn't end with our imaginary baby. What is it with guys and weapons? He came home from work the other day completely psyched up about the cool models he'd purchased. Carefully, he peeled back a layer of bubble wrap and displayed, quite proudly, what looked like a paper towel roll that someone had attached bits of paper to and spray painted silver (okay, maybe not quite like that, but pretty darn close!)

"It's an actual model of a nuclear bomb," he exclaimed!

Then, he unwrapped the other. He had actually purchased 2 of these bizarre stainless steel paperweights. Apparently, they were both different designs. They looked almost identical, at least close enough to make do with only 1 model, but Sexy Nerd says there are "big differences".

"Don't get mad," he said (don't you just love when sentences start like that?) "This one was $45."

To which I, of course, replied "YOU PAID $45 FOR A STUPID METAL ROCKET?!"

"It's not a rocket, it's a bomb! This other one was $70."

Has your jaw hit the floor over there yet? Slightly less-Sexy Nerd then explained that everyone in his department at work had bought them, that he had big plans to build an elaborate display case for them, and that there are other models to collect. He said, "The guy we bought them from had lots of other designs in the back of his car."
 He looks so normal, right?

Oh my. Sexy Nerd, I love you, but my goodness. And, no, Nuke is no name for a person. What if he grew up to be a hippie? None of the other hippies would ever take him seriously.


  1. What says "Welcome to our home" more than weapons of mass destruction?

  2. Dude, every day I wake up and look at about 25 Star Wars maquettes and statues which Mr. Geek has hung near his side of the bed. On the top of the wardrobe, there are full size replicas of Stormtrooper and Han Solo Blasters, plus a small Millineum Falcon - and that's just the bedroom!!
    The moral of the story? Make sure they only buy a couple and don't start mentioning the word 'collection' when discussing the replica bombs...or light sabers, or whatever...
    The word 'collection' actually means DOOM for your decor!!!LOL

  3. In the...back of a car?

    My husband was set on Cash for a boy. Then my parents adopted a dog. His name was Cash. Problem solved!

  4. Guess a Balsa Wood Glider just wouldn't be the same... Great meeting you at Camp Blogaway!


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