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The Post Where I Show You My Pale, Hairy Leg

With a post title like that, you know it's going to be good!

First, allow me to share with you a photo from the Albertson's grocery store that I visited on my birthday:

One heck of a crack in the parking lot, right? The scenario: It's my birthday. I stop by on my way home to get milk, cereal, and yogurt. Halfway into the store, I realize I've forgotten my reusable grocery bags in my car, but am lazy and don't turn back to get them. After buying what I need, I return to the parking lot, pushing a heavy shopping cart. The ginormous crack and I cross paths. The front wheels stop suddenly. The back of the cart is pushed up into the air.

Can you guess what happened?

I really can't stress that enough.

In Albertson's defense, I'm fairly certain the scar was already there.

Moral of the story? Karma will kick your butt if you don't bring your reusable grocery bags.

More fun moral? No grocery shopping allowed on your birthday!

*Bonus* When you have a fancy new camera and a fancy (yes, fancy) blog, you find yourself taking photos in the parking lot after an incident like this. It makes the store employees very nervous. I also enjoyed getting a funny look from this fellow:

Could you park any closer to me, embarrassingly oversized truck?

New cameras are fun!


  1. I so love that you took time to take a picture! That's how you know you're a blogger, right?

    Sorry about your birthday present there, girlie!

  2. That's funny! Can you imagine that I had the same thing happen to me except I had a three year old riding (standing) on the back of the cart so when we flipped he was at the bottom of the pile. Surprisingly, no one got hurt. I did feel like a loser mom though- no more riding on the carts! That lasted a couple of weeks- I just keep an eye out for cracks now.

  3. Is that a really long hair growing out of your leg? HOhohoho!! I LOVE your posts! Love 'em.

    But you poor love. That looks REALLY sore. It makes me laugh that even though you must have been in some pain, you still were thinking ' Hey, this is bloggable'!!!


  4. So very sorry for your boo-boos. And on your birthday of all days! Very sad.
    But I love the fact that you had your camera out capturing it all for us to see. Bonus points for making others nervous. (That just cracks me up for some reason.)

    And remember, we all miss a hair or two every once in a while. ;-)

  5. Sorry your trip to Albertson's didn't go so well...but look at the bright side...what was the bright side???? Oh found a fabulous new store to shop at even if they have cracks in the sidewalk...Hang in there!

  6. I am over from Tatertots and jello and just had to laugh! It sounds like something that would happen to me! A couple years ago, my birthday morning was laying in bed listening to the news and the storm (in December) when I heard he big crack and bang and the power went out... Ice storm! No power for 4 days, temps below freezing and me singing "happy birthday to me, no electricity"


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