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Best in Show Award

It's time for the weekend! Even better, it's time to announce another great blogger who has blown away the Best in Show competition to claim the award as her own. My, my. Whoever could it be?

The winner is giving us a little Christmas in June:

 Okay, technically the winning blogger gave us this fun Library Pocket Advent Calendar at Christmastime and yours truly is just posting it in June. Who else here is ready for the holidays?

The Princess
A homeschooler, the blogger who won the award this week can teach you many things. Are you familiar with Chuseok? It's one of the largest holidays in Korea!

Congratulations, The Princess and the Tot! I especially love that there are so many smart posts written by Princess herself.

Readers, I hope you'll take a moment to share some bloggy love with this week's winner. Stop by tonight for another Not "Baaad" blog hop and another chance at the Best in Show award!


  1. Thank you for the honor! Funny thing is, I'm working on a Library Pocket Summer Activity "Advent" Calendar this morning - using the same concept as my Christmas one! I'll be posting it to my blog later this week! Thank you again for the Best in Show honor! I am truly humbled and touched.

  2. Congratulations Princess and Tot! =) Your 365 idea jar is such a fun gift idea. I love how uplifting it is. Encouragement is a beautiful thing.


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