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Puppy Wearing a Cone!

After she was spayed, Sexy Nerd and I requested that Pica be sent home wearing a cone (really, how much can you trust a Jack Russell not to chew her stitches?) The veterinarian thought it was unnecessary, but complied.
 Post-surgery and drugged out of her little mind, we put Pica straight to bed.
After she had rested, the real fun began...

I love when she walks into the lamp. Bonk!


  1. Oh man - the cone of shame! Poor dog. lol

  2. Aww! Poor dog <3

    I host a Sidekick Sunday where you can show off your furbabies. Check it out if you're interested :)

  3. Awww (HAHAHA) poor doggie! That's funny.


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