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Doggie Day Job

I needed to access an old Qwest bill, but was having trouble setting up an online account. I selected the Online Chat option. The representative and I got off to a good start. Providing verification that I was indeed the account owner would be simple enough, right? I told the representative my name, account number, and billing zip code, as requested. A few minutes passed before receiving any reply.

"To verify your identity, what is the answer to your secret account question?" what? It's a bit stupid tricky to answer a question that hasn't been asked. I inquired specifically what the secret account question was. Another pause.

"If you cannot answer your secret account question, instructions for resetting your online password can be mailed to you."

I asked again WHAT IS THE QUESTION?! I wrote that I was sure I could answer the question, if only I knew what it was.

No response. I wrote a few common question/answer combinations that I thought it might be. More waiting for the Qwest representative.

"It appears that this account has not been set up with a security question."

I wasn't at home during this online chat session. Is this what Biscuit does all day?


  1. I've so been there! Online chat is totally useless. Most of the time I get 15 minutes in, and then they're like "You need to call someone with that."

    Gee, thanks.

  2. I hate trying to get a hold of the phone/internet company, I always wind up even more irritated than when I started! Hope you got the info you needed!


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