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Sometimes I Think We'll Buy Anything at Pottery Barn

Behold, Pottery Barn's Sand Vase Filler.

Only $8.50! I suppose the price may seem a bit much, but it's not like you can get 4 pounds of sand anywhere else, right?

Besides, it's from Pottery Barn!

Really, Pottery Barn?

Has anyone out there purchased this fancy pants sand? Is it actually made up of finely ground diamonds and unicorn tears?


  1. Maybe its 'vintage' sand, that would send the price rocketing!! Think I would just stick to walk down the beach and nab some sand, or from the boys sand pit, add a little glitter and I'm sure it would have the same effect!

  2. See, and some people say living far from the beach/desert is free!

  3. Hah! I know what you mean... it's Pottery Barn! Gotta have that PB sand!


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