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You're Never Too Old For Braces

Let's rewind to high school, when my stubborn teenage self insisted (demanded!) at the orthodontist's office on the very last appointment before getting braces that there was no way I was ever, EVER going to put those sharp, ugly things in my mouth. My mom told me that I'd regret it and would have to pay the thousands of dollars for braces myself in another 10 years or so.

I knew she was wrong. I just knew it.

Now, I'm at an age where my smile just doesn't send the professional image I would like. Between you (the entire internet world!) and me, I don't have the most attractive front teeth. I had my teeth fixed in the 3rd grade after a little accident, (Face, meet Road) and now, 20-something years later, the composite build ups are chipped and showing their age, with a noticeable horizontal line separating real tooth from fake. Oh, and as if this weren't all bad enough, the 2 teeth are different sizes with a gap between them! When I told my boss, a pediatric dentist, that I was thinking of getting a consultation for cosmetically restoring my front teeth, she was delighted.

Well, she's going to have to wait. My exam was yesterday and, although I should be a fairly simple case, we're not quite there yet. Guess what, Teenage Me?

I get to wear braces!

Oh crap!


  1. So many of my friends, who are in their 40's, are getting braces. It's like the new you're in style. There's a bright side...right?

  2. I was stubborn as a kid and didn't want to take care of braces so I didn't get them.
    Now I'm 26 and have had braces for a year. They really aren't that bad and most times I barely notice them. You'll be fine :D

  3. Lamb, I wore braces as a kid for four years. Then I neglected to wear my retainers, so my bottom teeth quickly returned to their very crooked ways. Now, I wish I could get them fixed, but my daughter just got hers off and my son will be needing them soon... that leaves zero dollars in the budget for me. Sigh. Anyway, you'll do great.

  4. Love it! when I was little, I didn't need braces (on my teeth - had to wear one on my back) but as I grew up, my teeth changed their direction and got crooked.. I did envisalign a few years ago... And so glad I did. Good luck!

  5. I always thought of braces as a kid thing...but now everyone has them...including my 70 year old mother in law!


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