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Braces - 3 Weeks In (50+ To Go!)

My teeth are loose - a very unnerving quality as an adult.

You always wanted an up close and personal view of my funky teeth, right?

Despite having the nicest orthodontist in Albuquerque, there's no denying that braces suck! Oh, my poor teeth are killing me. Teenage Me, who swore she would never get braces, is very upset with Grown Up Me! She was right all along.

Seriously, everyone told me that my teeth would hurt for the first few days but then be fine. It has been 3 loooong weeks and my teeth are just as sore as when my braces were put on. Sexy Nerd says I'm a wimp. My boss, the pediatric dentist, says I really shouldn't expect to or try to eat anything solid, like a sandwich (!) until the braces come off and that a liquid diet would be best.

I would probably lose a ton of weight over the next year...but chocolate cake, ice cream, and pudding are all so wonderfully soft!


  1. Take tylenol. Also if the inside of your mouth hurts, put the wax on. It's a life saver for the inside of your mouth.
    Also, tightenings will hurt the day after they are done so be prepared.
    It will be worth it :D

  2. Two cents? Wow...that's more than my blog makes. My dentist suggested invisilign. If I ever do the 'fix my teeth' thing, I'll go with that. Hopefully, your teeth feel good soon.

  3. Just found your blog and giggled. I have had my braces on for a month and a half now and they are awful. I had them as an older teenager, but refused to wear my rubber bands, so here I am again. Let me tell you, its much worse as an adult. We don't do as well with pain. The soreness lasted a while for me too, and I was biting on all the wrong teeth for a time. Now I can't stand to eat anything because it gets all jammed up in my braces. But, hey, its worth it, right?! :) I am sure it will get better for you soon...


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