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Santa Bear (aka Best Xmas Special Ever!)

The other day, I posted the following comment on The Spohrs Are Multipling:

My all-time favorite holiday special was Santa Bear, which is so sad because I can't find it ANYWHERE! I had it recorded onto a VHS tape when I was younger but the tape no longer plays. Seriously, does anyone else remember this Christmas special? Santa Bear and Bully Bear switched places (naked, they looked identical) but Santa and Santa Bear's airplane-flying female pal saved the day!

Every Christmas, I search online for Santa Bear and every year I'm out of luck.

Until now! Enjoy :)

What's the best part of all? This has the same 80s commercials as my old VHS recording! Ahh, simple times.


  1. Hi, Lamb. Hope you had a great holiday. I shared a buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing recipe, a carnival style caramel corn recipe, and a Greek moussaka recipe today. Thank you for hosting us again and have a Happy New Year!

  2. Have never heard of Santa bear but that looks adorable! Been a while since I stopped by and am catching up with some of my old favorites :) hope you had a very merry Christmas!

  3. Aahh, I was wondering where you found my blog (noticed you're now a follower, thank you very much!) and I see you mentioned Heather's blog (The Sphor's are multiplying). I bet you saw me there. Thanks for following me over to my place.~


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