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Costa Concordia or Beyonce

*This post is a continuation of yesterday's post, Costa Concordia: Our Experience

The number of missing people has doubled since the first reports of the Costa Concordia accident. Does this mean that Costa originally reported these people as alive and safe to their families in error? How can you take something like that back?

Can someone please explain to me how Yahoo's "Trending Now" list works? I have always thought that it was showing the most searched for keywords, but today the list starts with Beyonce and includes things like "Dwarf tossing" and "Napoleon Dynamite". The Costa Concordia isn't on the list. How can this be?

I just read about a survivor whose husband gave her their only life jacket. He jumped into the freezing water right before her. She never saw him again.

It's all just too terrible for words.


  1. Two cents on your blog...more than I have made....>Bonus for you!!

    It's sad that they were so close to land, yet so far away. Praying for all the families.

  2. I agree so tragic!! My husband has been trying to talk me into going on a cruise for years now and this tragedy doesn't help his case. My heart & prayers go out to all those involved.


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  3. That is truly sad and touching.
    It just shows topics people see as "more important." when there is something that is greater than all of these entertainment topics. I send my greatest condolances to all the families, I can't even fathom the anger I feel toward the captain abandoning his ship.


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