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You Can Eat Rubber, Right?

Braces suck. Have I mentioned that before? The other day, I placed two new rubber bands from canine to canine, then proceeded with my day and forgot all about them. For lunch, I heated up some leftover ground lamb and made a burrito. Two bites in, I realized something unnerving.

I had eaten a rubber band.

According to Dr. Google, eating one orthodontic rubber band isn't any cause for alarm. I was cautioned, however, that a person should not polish off an entire bag of rubber bands. Umm, why would they feel the need to need to warn against this, right?

Fast forward to this evening. I toasted up a plate of 3 Minute Toaster Oven Smores for me and Sexy Nerd to enjoy while chatting about our day. Despite my orthodontist's request that I wear my rubber bands 24/7, I placed my rubber bands on the edge of the plate. It was nice to relax with Sexy Nerd, just eating smore after smore (sprinkled with Trader Joe's Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - good stuff!). The week had been so hectic and we really hadn't spent much time together.

No rubber bands = easier to shovel yummy smores into my mouth.

When we were chatted out and all our smores were finished, I went to put my rubber bands back in. you see any rubber bands here?

Sexy Nerd's response? "You really don't chew your food at all, do you?"



  1. Do you have to keep the rubber bands in while you eat?

    1. According to my orthodontist, I should try to eat with the bands in. He has been very skeptical my last 2 adjustments that I am wearing the bands at all!

      I am! I really am! :)

  2. Have you checked if it was Sexy Nerd and not you that swallowed the 2nd rubber? I can’t blame you for not noticing, though. Those smores look delicious enough to gobble in one go! Maybe next time just put them somewhere far away from the plate. Heh.



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