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How to Plan Your Vacation to Australia

Sexy Nerd is IMPOSSIBLE to plan a vacation with! He's the kind of person who says things like "Why are you stressing out about this? Just book something." and then complains about everything you consider booking.

I really wanted to include a stopover in Honolulu. It would break up the long flight from LAX to Sydney and only cost a little more than flying directly. With our 5 year wedding anniversary approaching, we had been hoping to revisit our ceremony location and eat our wedding cake (one of the benefits of using a cake that the bakery has in stock every day). Unfortunately, no matter how hard I planned, I just couldn't seem to create an itinerary that included Hawaii. Sexy Nerd kept saying to skip it. He said that a trip to Australia should focus 100% on Australia and that he didn't care about stopping in Honolulu.

So, I showed him an idea for an itinerary. "But I thought we were going to stop in Hawaii," he said, completely crushed.

"Think of the happy times," I remind myself. "The wife is always the #1 suspect when a husband goes missing."

Sexy Nerd recently had a day off. I left him with the task of coming up with a travel plan for our Australia trip. The only requirement was that airfare had to be $1500 or less per person, round trip.

When I returned from work, I asked if it was harder than he'd expected. "Nope," he replied smugly. He had easily planned our Australian airfare for just a little over $2000 each.

Sometimes, I just want to shake him.


  1. I love planning our travels, and often do group trips too. However my husband is the exact same way as Sexy Nerd! Recently I left him in charge of planning a dive trip to Puerto Rico for us and two friends. Less than a week before departure, I asked who we were diving with and what the schedule was. He hadn't set anything up yet, and was still getting e-mails from the dive operator as we got off the plane on arrival!

    We're leaving for a trip to Disneyland in a couple of weeks. This time I just set everything up how I wanted it, told him he could come along if he didn't complain about it, otherwise he could stay home.

  2. Men! Of course you could have gotten the same were trying not to spend the extra $1000...that might as well be a separate trip to Hawaii. =)

  3. Travel planning can be a challenge when you have a budget - as most of us do. My husband wants to go to New Zealand.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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